Solved MCQs Notes for Preparation of NTS Tests

Solved MCQs Notes for Preparation of NTS Tests National Testing Service of Pakistan Preparation Notes Download PDF MCQs and Material for various posts National ...
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Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi 8th Class Entrance Test Syllabus


Parts of Speech
Correct/ rearrange/ complete sentences
Meaning of words, idioms and their use in sentences
Correct spelling
Change sentence forms
Gender, antonyms, synonyms, singulars and plurals
Essay, paragraph, letter, application or story writing
Translation form Urdu to English and English to Urdu
Change of Voice and Narration
Answers to questions from a given paragraph

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Set theory, union and intersection of sets, De Morgan’s law, etc.
Fraction, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of common, compound and decimal fractions
Square root, square root of decimal and common fractions and approximate square roots
Ratio and proportion, direct and inverse proportion, problems on inheritance and partnership
Percentage, partnership, commission, profit and loss
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of algebraic expressions, expressions in ascending and descending orders
Equations, solution of equations in one variable
Area of square, rectangle and circle. Area and volume of cylinder, cube and cuboids
Practical geometry. Construction of a triangle, rectangle, square, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, pie graph

Islamiat (English Medium)

Human rights, Ethics, Life of the Holy Prophet
Pillars of Islam, Islamic Society, Patience and Tolerance
Avoiding Prodigality and Avarice. Thrift/ Frugality
Dignity of Labour, Lawful earning, Moderation
Generosity, Equality, Prayers, Worships, Adoration
Character of the Holy Prophet
Life of Prophet Muhammad in Mecca and Madina
Prophet’s Migration to Madina
Battles of Islam
Truce of Hudaibia
Conquest of Mecca
Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajjat-ul-Wida)
10 last Suras of the 30th Para of the Holy Quran, (with diacritical points and translation in Urdu and English)

islmiat syllabus cadet college karnal sher khan

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