HEC Law GAT Jurisprudence Sample MCQS Past Papers pdf

HEC Law GAT Jurisprudence Sample MCQS Past Papers pdf and test preparation. Law GAT Jurisprudence MCQs questions with answers.


1. While categorizing the sources of Islamic Law, the Sunnah’ is considered as ___________.
A. Primary source
B. Secondary source
C. Weak source
D. Unrecognized source

2. According to Salmond, public law is divided into two types: Constitutional law and __________.
A. Executive Law
B. Administrative Law
C. Secretarial Law
D. Governmental Law

3. The purpose of studying the “hukm-shari” is to understand the conceptual part of_______.
A. Islamic ethics
B. Islamic law
C. Islamic Traditions
D. Islamic morality

4. Imperative law means a precept or rule of action imposed upon men by some ________ which enforces obedience to it.
A. Sovereign only
B. Society only
C. Authority
D. Corporation

5. Conventional Law consists of rules ________ for the regulation of their conduct towards each other.
A. Agreed to by states/person
B. Initiated by states/person
C. Derived by States/person
D. Introduced by States/person

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