FPSC Written Test Syllabus Physical Training Instructor

FPSC Advertisement No 4-2020 Physical Training Instructor MCQS Test Syllabus Paper Pattern, Past Papers, MCQS for test

Physical Training Instructor (Male,Female) (BS-16), Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEI) (Cantts/ Garrisons), Ministry Of Defence.

Objective Type Test (MCQ)

Part-I English =20 marks

Part-II Professional Test=80 marks

Part-I Vocabulary, Grammar Usage, Sentence Structuring.

Part-II (Masters Level)  

Curriculum Development in Physical Education,  

Rules of games (Hockey, Volley Ball)  

Basics of Human Anatomy  Administrative and Management in Sports,  

Sports Nutrition,

Trauma and Rehabilitation,  

Test, Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education & Sports  Athletic Injuries,  

Handicap Sports Organization

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