Codemasters Moto GP F1 UPDATE 1.12 18 September 2023

Codemasters Moto GP F1 UPDATE 1.12 18 September 2023

Today, Codemasters released an update (version 1.12) for the F1 23 video game on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. This update brings several improvements and fixes. Here’s a list of what’s changed:

Codemasters Moto GP F1 UPDATE 1.12 18 September 2023

1. The Scuderia car teamwear and look have been reverted to their original Ferrari design.

2. There was a problem with the safety car rules not working correctly in certain situations. Now, they work as they should.

3. Some players in the game couldn’t unlock goals in the football world. This has been fixed.

4. Goals were getting stuck after leaving the Community Grand Prix in the middle of a race. This issue has been resolved.

5. The order of races in the F2 season was wrong in certain car modes. This has been fixed.

6. On the PS5, clouds were not appearing in the game, but now they do.

7. The principal sponsor, Lugna, was incorrectly ranked second on the team’s list. This has been corrected.

8. Fog was disappearing after changing the lighting quality settings for the Grand Prix in the F1 World. This issue has been fixed.

9. There was a problem with the opening of episode 2 of the Podium Pass not working properly. This has been repaired.

10. The DRS Zone 2 was detected in the wrong places, causing issues. This has been fixed, and it should work correctly now.

11. Brightness changes were not working properly with HDR10 in windowed mode. This has been addressed.

12. Force Feedback was not working on the HORI Racing Wheel. Now, it should work as intended.

13.In Career mode, there was a problem where Nyck De Vries would sometimes look strange or disappear when he changed teams. This issue is has been now fixed/solved.

14.The game has also been made more stable so it runs better.

15.They have also made some small changes to make the game work better and give you a smoother gaming experience.