MCQs Questions Answers About Fast and Hajj

• FASTING MCQS • Fast means to stop. • Fasting made obligatory in 2nd A.H. • Fasting is commanded in al-Bakarah. • Feed 60 people is the atonement for breaking the fast or sixty sontinuous fasts.. • Bab-ul-Riayn is the door for fast observing people. • Tarrawih means to rest. • Battle of Badr was … Read more

MCQs Notes on Islam Namaz Zakat

• Qiblah means anything in front. • Saabi is one who changes his religion. • Sidrat-ul-Mantaha means last tree of the Eternity. • Jaabi is one who collects Zakat. • First collection of Ahadith is Sahifah-e-Saadiqa. • Saying of Prophet are called Wahi Ghair Matlloo. • In iman-e-Mufassal essential beliefs are 7 in number. • … Read more