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GRE Literature in English MCQs Practice Test Questions Answers

1) The abstract theory of utilitarianism is the theme of Dicken’s novel: a) Bleak House b) A Tale of Two Cities c) Hard Times d) Great Expectations e) None of these c) Hard Times 2. The one remains, the many change and pass; Heaven’s light for ever shines, earth’s shadows fly; The above two lines […]

GRE Chemistry MCQs Practice Test Questins

(1) There remains no liquid-vapour boundary at: (a) boiling point (b) critical temperature (c) triple point (d) azeotrope composition (e) None of these (2) If the rate of a reaction does not change with time then the reaction should be: (a) moderately slow (b) very fast (c) catalyzed (d) zeroth order (e) None of these. […]

Physics GRE Subject Practice Test MCQs Questions

1) If the speed of particle is doubled then its kinetic energy becomes (a) Doubled. (b) Unchanged (c) Four time. (d) Half of the initial value 2) A ping – pong ball of mass m moving with velocity v bounces off a concrete surface with the same speed in the opposite direction. The change in […]

GRE Biology Practice Test Solved MCQs Questions Answers

(1) Life originated during: (a) Pre-cambrian period (b) Mesozoic era (c) Coenozoic era. (d) Proterozoic era (e) None of these (a) Pre-cambrian period (2) Pancreas secrete: (a) Pepsin (b) Only hormones (c) Only enzymes (d) Both (a) and (b) (e) None of these (e) None of these (3) Louis Pasture is known for: (a) Germ […]

ETS GRE Subject Test Psychology Solved MCQs Questions Answers

Multiple Choice Questions 1) Developmental psychologists believe that two factors that influence human development are: a) Motivation and emotion b) Self and others c) Genetic makes up and experience d) Rewards and punishments 2) Motor skills are largely a result of: a) Learning b) Maturational process c) Practice d) Observing other 3) In Piaget’s theory, […]