Cadet College Swat 8th Class Admission Entry Test English Urdu Math Islamiat Science Past Papers

Cadet College Swat Entrance Test for Class VIII Paper-Mathematics & Science

Section A

TIME: ONE HOUR                                                                                                 Marks: 100

Q1.      Fill in the Blanks.                               (12)

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  1. If A={2,3,4,5,6} and B={5,6,7,8} then _____________.
  2. The additive inverse of is ___________.

iii. The square of an even number is __________ number.

  1. Square root of 81 is ______________.
  2. 169 is the perfect square of ____________.
  3. sales tax is levied when a commodity is sold to its final consumer.

vii. The rate of GST is _____________.

viii. The result when is subtracted from is _____________.

  1. Two angles are supplementary if they add up to __________degrees.
  2. The approximate value of is ____________.
  3. Symbol of Sodium is ___________

xii. Speed of light in vacuum is ______________

Section B

Q2.      Attempt any SIX questions.                                                                          (6×10=60)

  1. Find the square root of 3481 by division method.
  2. A jet fighter is flying at . Find its speed in .
  3. Simplify, .
  4. Solve,
  5. Sum of the two consecutive odd integers is 36. Find the numbers?
  6. The circumference of a circle is 176cm. Find its area?
  7. Construct an equilateral triangle XYZ whose base is 3cm.
  8. Find the circumference of the circle whose diameter is 6 Cm.


Q3.      Attempt any FOUR questions.                                                                   (04×07=28)


  1. What are insulators?
  2. Describe the function of Aorta.
  3. Write the names of various parts of flower
  4. What is food web?
  5. write down distribution of sub atomic particles in the atom of Carbon.
  6. English Paper
  7. Urdu – Islamiat Paper

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