Business Administration Objective Type True False Questions

Business Administration Objective Type True False Questions

(1)Planning initiates other functions of management. True

(2) Managements make things to happen. True

(3) The ultimate criterion of control is the extent that activities are complete in ways that lead to more profits. False

(4) Computer Technology helps the management but does not replace the management. True

(5) Promotional mix is also known as communication mix. True

(6) Marketing environment is made up of micro-environment and macro-environment. True

(7) Promotional mix is the part of marketing mix. True

(8) Marketing strategy consists of specific strategy for target markets, positioning, the marketing mix and marketing expenditure levels. True

(9) A Financial manager has a full control over its firm’s stock price. False

(10) Liquidity ratios measure a firm’s ability to meet short term obligations. True
(11)Business risk is influenced by the firm’s decision to use debt in its financial structure. False

(12) The most important function of management is controlling. False

(13) A short term creditor would consider liquidity ratios to be more important than efficiency ratios. True

(14) According to Maslow, when a need is satisfied, it tends to lose its ability to motivate. True

(15) The term marketing mix refers to the degree of advertising Vs personal selling used to market product. False

(16) The difference between an agent and a merchant wholesaler is that an agent always takes title but a merchant wholesaler does not. False

(17) The management of working capital is required because of a lack of short term synchronization between demand and supply. True

(18) A manager who believes that people inherently dislike work probably accepts McGregor’s Theory X. True

(19) Inventory carrying costs can be minimized by carrying fewer units in inventory. True

(20) A balance sheet is an accounting report used solely for the corporate form of business. False