Army Online MCQS Mock Test Free

Army Online MCQS Mock Test Free download in pdf. Army mock test Solved Past Papers for army jobs in Pakistan.

Army Online MCQS Mock Test Free

When was the first martial law imposed in Pakistan? 7 October, 1958

Who imposed first martial in Pakistan? General Iskandar Mirza

Durand Line is the border between? Afghanistan and Pakistan

What is the official name of Pak-India border? Radcliffe Line

What was the form of the constitution of 1962? Presidential

Who was the first elected president of Pakistan? Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan

Second constitution was promulgated on? 8 June, 1962

Official languages in 1956 constitution were? Urdu and Bengali

Who was the editor of Zamindar Newspaper? Maulana Zafar Ali Khan

Who was the editor of Comrade Newspaper? Maulana Mohammad Ali

First Pakistani to win Noble Prize? Dr. Abdus Salam (Physics)

Who translated Lahore Resolution? Maulana Zaffar All Khan

Who presented the Lahore Resolution? Molvi Fazal ul Haq

Who supported Lahore Resolution from Balochistan? Qazi Muhammad Essa

Which Ex-President of Pakistan is buried in Tehran? General Iskandar Mirza

Who was the Foreign Minister of Ayub Khan? Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

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