University of Peshawar LLB Date sheet

University of Peshawar

Time: 9:30am To 12:30pm

Date Sheet for LL.B Part-II (Annual Examination 2014)


Date Days Subject
25.03.2015 Wednesday Constitutional Law-II
27.03.2015 Friday Equity (old)/ Administrative Law (New)
30.03.2015 Monday Mercantile Law (Old) Company Law (New)
01.04.2015 Wednesday Law of Transfer of Property (Old) /(New)
03.04.2015 Friday Islamic Personal Law (Old) / Muslim Personal Law (New)
06.04.2015 Monday Land Laws (Old) Constitutional History of Pakistan (New)
08.04.2015 Wednesday Public International Law


Date Sheet for LL.B Final (Annual Examination 2014)

Date Days Subject
26.03.2015 Thursday Conveyancing & Pleading (Old/New) / Legal Drafting
28.03.2015 Saturday Criminal Procedure
31.03.2015 Tuesday Interpretation of Statutes
02.04.2015 Thursday Law of Evidence & Legal Ethics
04.04.2015 Saturday Civil Procedure
07.04.2015 Tuesday Labour Law(New)/Labour & Income Tax Law(Old)   (Optional paper)
09.04.2015 Thursday Minor Acts                                                                  (Optional paper)
10.04.2015 Friday Land Laws / Administrative Law (Old)               (Optional paper)
11.04.2015 Saturday Taxation Law                                                                 (Optional paper)
13.04.2015 Monday Human Rights                                                                (Optional paper)
14.04.2015 Tuesday Environmental Law                                                   (Optional paper)
15.04.2015 Wednesday Banking Law                                                               (Optional paper)
16.04.2015 Thursday Intellectual Property Law                                           (Optional paper)

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