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Notes on Prophets of Islam

• Adam landed in Sri Lanka on Adam’s Peak Mountain.

• Adam is a word of Syriani language.

• Adam had 2 daughters.

• Kabeel killed Habeel because he wanted to marry Akleema.

• The first person to be put into Hell will be Qaabil.

• Adam had 3 sons.

• Shees was youngest son of Adam.

• Age of Adam at Sheesh’s birth was 130 years.

• Adam walked from India to Makkah and performed forty Hajj.

• Adam knew 100 000 languages. (Roohul Bayaan)

• Abul Basher is called to Hazrat Adam.

• Hazrat Adam built first mosque on earth.

• Height of Adam was 90 feet.

• Age of Adam at the time of his death 950 years.

• Hazrat Adam’s grave is in Saudi Arabia.

• Second prophet is Sheesh.

• Sheesh passed away at the age of 912 years.

• Noah got prophethood at the age of 40

• Noah’s ark was 400 x 100 yards area.

• Ark of Noah stopped at Judi Mountain (Turkey).

• Noah preached for 950 years.

• Nation of Noah worshipped 5 idols.

• Nation of Noah was exterminated through the flood.

• Pigeon was sent for the search of land by Hazrat Nooh.

• Noah was sent to Iraq.

• 2242 years after Adam, Toofan-e-Noah occurred.

• About 80 people were with him in the boat.

• Duration of storm of Noah was for 6 months.

• Noah lived for 950 years.

• Nooh is called predecessor, Naji Ullah; Shaikh ul Ambiya.

• Abu ul Bashr Sani is title of Noah.

• After toofan-e-nooh , the city establish was Khasran

• Ibrahim was thrown into the fire by the order of Namrud.

• Hazrat Ibraheem intended to sacrifice Ismaeel at Mina.

• Ibrahim was born at Amer near Euphrate (Iraq)

• Ibraheem was firstly ordered to migrate to Palestine.

• First wife of Ibraheem was Saarah.

• Second wife of Ibraheem was Haajirah.

• Azaab of mosquitoes was sent to the nation of Ibrahim

• Abraham is called khalilullah, father of prophets and Idol Destroyer.

• Age of Abraham at the time of his death 175 years.

• Grave of Abraham is in Israel.(Syria chk it).

• Ibrahim is buried at Hebron in Jerusalem.

• Abrahem invented comb.

• Hazrat Loot was contemporary of Hazarat Ibraheem

• Abraham remained in fire 40 days.

• Terah or Aazer was the father of Ibraheem.

• Grave of Lut is in Iraq.

• Luut died at Palestine and is buried at Hebron.

• Ibraheem was the uncle of Luut.

• Loot was maternal grandfather of Ayub.

• Hazart Loot was the first to migrate.

• Luut resided at Ur near Mesopotamia.

• Luut migrated to Sodom and Gomorrah

• Ismaeel is called Abu-al-Arab.

• Mother of Ismaeel was Haajrah.

• Ishaaq built boundaries of Masjid-e-Aqsaa

• Ishaaq was sent to Jews.

• At Muqam-e-Ibraheem, there are imprints of Ibraheem.

• Ibrahim was first person to circumcise himself and his son.

• Sara wife of Ibrahim and mother of Ishaq was sister of Loot.

• Hajra the wife of Ibrahim was daughter of Pharoah of Egypt.

• Ibrahim was 86 years old when Ismael was born.

• Ibrahim was ordered to migrate along with family to valley of Batha meaning Makkah.

• Ibrahim was sent to Jordan after leaving Haajrah and Ismaeel

• Age of Ibraheem at the birth of Ishaq was 100 years and of Saarah was 90 years.

• First wife of Ibrahim resided at Palestine.

• Ibrahim intended to sacrifice Ismaeel at Mina on 10th Zul Hajj.

• As a result of sacrifice of Ismael, Ibrahim was gifted a baby from Saarah named Ishaq.

• Zam Zam emerged from beneath the foot of Hazrat Ismaeel in the valley of Batha (Makkah).

• Hazrat Ismail discovered Hajar-e-Aswad.

• Ismaeel had 15 sons.

• Zabeeullah and Abu al Arab are called to Hazrat Ismaeel.

• Ismael divorced his wife being discourteous.

• Jibrael brought sacred stone to Ismael.

• Original colour of the sacred stone was white.

• Gabriel gave the news of Ishaaq to Ibrahim.

• Ishaq married Rebecca.

• Old name of Makkah was Batha.

• Hazrat Idress was expert in astronomy.

• Uzair became alive after remaining dead for one hundred years.

• Whale Swallowed Hazrat Younus (AS).(chk)

• Hazrat Yaqub has the title of Israel

• 1 Lac 24 thousand- total number of prophets.

• Hazrat Idrees was the first who learnt to write.

• How many Sahifay were revealed to Hazrat Idrees (AS)? 30

• Prophet Yahya A.S was sent to people of Jordan.

• Hazrat Idrees (A.S) set up 180 cities.

• Prophet Ishaq A.S lost his eye sight in old age.

• Hazrat Dawood could mould iron easily with his hand.

• The event of ring is related to Hazrat Sulaiman.

• Hazarat Moosa(A.S) had impediment in his tongue

• Moosa was granted 9 miracles.

• Musa crossed the Red Sea.

• The prophet mentioned in Quran for most of times is Moosa.

• Ten commandments were revealed on Moosa.

• Moosa died on Abareem mountain.

• Grave of Musa is in Israel.

• Teacher of Moosa was Shoaib.

• Moosa was brought up by Aasia Bint Mozahim.

• Elder brother of Moosa was Haroon.

• Moosa had only one brother.

• In Toowa valley Moosa was granted prophethood.

• An Egyptian was killed by Moosa.

• Haroon was an eloquent speaker.

• Haroon is buried at Ohad.

• Haroon & Musa both were prophets and contemporaries.

• Prophet Ayub suffered from Skin Disease.

• Hazrat Ayub was famous for his patience.

• The miracle of Dromedary (camel) is concerned with Saleh

• 4 prophets were sent to Bani Israeel.

• 722 languages were understood by Hazrat Idrees.

• Hazrat Saleh invented Soap.

• Kalori: hill, from where Isa was lifted alive.

• Zikraiya was carpenter.

• Harzat Zikraiya was cut with the Saw.

• Adam & Dawood are addressed as Khalifa in Quran.

• Sulaiman & Dawood understood language of the birds.

• The tree of date palm grew on the earth for the first time.

• At Hanif mosque at Mina almost 70 prophets are buried.

• Prophets attached with the profession of weaving are Adam, Idrees & Shaeet.

• Hazrat younus was eaten by shark fish.

• Younus prayed LAILAH ANTA SUBHANAK INI KUNTUM MINAZALIMIN in the belly of fish.

• Grave of Dawood is in Israel.

• Yahya’s tomb is in Damascus.

• Bilal Habshi is buried in Damascus.

• Prophet with melodious voice Dawood.

• Alive prophets are Isa & Khizr.

• Adam was created on Juma day.


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