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MCQs about All Prophets of God

MCQs about All Prophets of God for all competitive exams and tests

• Zunoon (lord of fish) & Sahibul Hoot : Younus.

• The prophet whose people were last to suffer divine punishment Saleh.

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• Suleiman died while standing with the support of a stick.

• Ashab-e-Kahf slept for 309 years.

• The number of Ashab-e-Kahf was 7.

• Saleh invented soap.

• Idrees was expert in astronomy.

• Prophet before Muhammad was Isaac.

• Hazrat Essa (A.S) was carpenter by profession.

• Besides Essa, Yahya also got prophet hood in childhood.

• Baitul Laham is the birth Place of Hazrat Essa (AS) is situated in Jerusalaem.

• Isa would cure the victims of leprosy.

MCQS on Ghazwat of Islam

• Zakria was contemporary of Isa.

• Isa was the cousin of Yahya.

• Romans kingdom was established in Palestine at Esa’s birth.

• Romans were Atheists.

• Ruler of Palestine at the birth of Esa was Herod.

• Maryum grew up in the house of Zakaiyya.

• Besides Esa , Adam was also a fatherless prophet.

• Esa born at Bethlehem.

• Esa was born in 4 B.C.

• Yahaya was the precursor of Eessa.

• Contemporary of Yahya was Eessa.

• Yahya is buried at Syria.

• Our prophet has the title Habibullah.

• Prophet Dawood has the title Najeeb Ullah.

• Prophet Jesus crist is called Rooh-ul-Ullah.

• Tur-e-Sina was the mountain where Hazrat Musa (AS) received Allah’s message.

• Hazrat Musa was Kalimullah.

• Science, astronomy, writing with pen, sewing and weapons were made by Idrees first of all.

• 30 Sahifay was revealed to Idrees.

• Aad was the nation of Hood.

• After seven day’s continuous rain and storm the nation of Hood destroyed.

• Nation of Samood was preached by Salih.

• Miracle of pregnant female camel was sent to Samood.

• 3 Sahifay were revealed to Ibrahim.

• Israel was the son of Ishaq.

• Israel was 147 years old when Ishaq died.

• Mountains would break by the miracle of Yaqoob.

• Musa married the daughter of Shoaib.

• Due to Zakria’s prayer Yahya was born.

• Yousuf remained in jail for 10 years.

• Yousuf and Yaqoob met each other after 40 years.

• Yousuf was the son of Yaqoob.

• Yousuf’s family was called the Israeelites.

• Real brother of Yousuf was Bin Yamen.

• Yousuf was sold as a slave in Egypt.

• Yousuf had 12 brothers.

• Yousuf was famous for his beauty & knew facts of dreams.

• Mother of Yousuf was Rachel.

• Yaqoob lost his eye-sight in memory of Yousuf.

• Nation of Shoaib committed embezzlement in trusts.

• Shoaib called Speaker of the Prophets.(Khateeb ul ambiya)

• Shoaib got blinded for weeping over destruction of his nation.

• Ilyas prayed for nation it rained after a period of 312 years.

• Uzair reassembled all copies of Taurait.

• Taloot was the father-in-law of Dawood.

• Dawood was good player of flute.

• Fountain of Copper flowed from Sulayman.

• Woodpecker conveyed Sulayman’s message to Saba queen.

• Younus remained in fish for 40 days.

• King Herodus ordered the execution of Yahya.

• Politus on Roman governor’s orders tried execution of Isa.

• Dawood is called as Najeeb Ullah.

• In quran ten commandments are named Awamir-i-Ashara.

• Teacher of Hakeem Lukman was Dawood.

• Prophets lifted alive Isa,Idrees&Ilyas.

• Idrees was directed to migrate by Allah to Egypt.

• Idrees was the first man to learn to write.

• Idrees was taken alive to Heavens at the age of 365 Y.

• Gnostics regarded Sheesh as a divine emanation.

• Gnostics means Sheesinas and inhabited Egypt.

• Idrees was sent to Gnostics.

• Idol worship was forbidden by Idress to people.

• Idress was special friend of one of the angels.

• Idrees remained in 4th heaven.

• Idreess died in the wings of the angel.

• Pigeon was sent for the search of land by Noah.

• Sam, Ham & Riyyafas were the children of Noah.

• Bani Aad settled in Yemen.

• Shaddad was famous king of Bani Aad.

• Glorious palace near Adan built by Bani Aad was known as Garden of Iram.

• Shaddad kingdom was extended to Iraq.

• A violent storm was sent to Bani Aad.

• Grave of Hood is at Hazarmoat.

• Oman, Yemen & Hazarmoat are in Southern Arabia.

• In Rajab, Arabs visit the grave of Hood.

• Bani Samood lived in Wadi al-Qura & Wadi al-Hajr.

• Wadi al-Qura, Wadi al-Hajr are in Syria & Hijaz.

• Volcanic eruption was sent to Bani samood.

• Contemporary of Ibrahim was Lut.

• Hood was the uncle of Ibraheem.

• A dreadful earthquake was sent to people of Luut.

• Native area of Ibraheem was Mesopotamia.

• Surname of Terah was Aazar.

• Father of Yaaqoob and Esau was Ishaq.

• Father-in-law of Ayyoob was Yaqoob.

• Ishaq is buried in Palestine.

• Age of Ishaq when he was blessed with twins was 60 Y.

• Yunus was the twin brother of Yaaqoob.

• Prophet bestowed with kingship of Allah: Dawood.

• Dawood was a soldier of Talut.

• Dawood lived in Bait-ul-Lahm.

• Talut was also known as Saul.

• Dawood is buried at Jerusalem.

• Youngest son of Dawood was Sulaymaan.

• Mother of Sulayman was Saba.

• Sulayman ascended the throne of Joodia.

• Sulaymaan was a great lover of horses.

• The ruler of Yemen in the time of Sulayman was Saba.

• Hud Hud informed Sulyman about the kingdom of Yemen.

• Saba means Bilqees.

• Whose kingdom came under a famine in the times of Ilyas: King of Ahab.

• Ilyas’s nation worshipped idol namd Lal.

• Ilyas disappeared mysteriously.

• Successor of Ilyas was Al-ya-sah.

• Cousin of Al-ya-Say who was prophet was Ilyas.

• Uzair remained died for 100 years.

• For 18 years Ayyoob suffered from skin disease.

• Real name of Zull Kifl is Isaih and Kharqil bin Thauri.

• Yunus died in Nineveh.

• Father of Yahya was Zakariyya.

• Trustee of Hekal was Zakiriyya.

• Zakariya hid himself in the cover of the tree and was cut into two pieces by Jews.

• Maryum lived at Nazareth before Esa’s birth.

• Maryum migrated to Egypt after Esa’s birth.

• Number of Hawarin of Moosa was 12.

• Jews and Romans were worried about Esa’s influence.

• First prophet to demarcate Masjid-e-Aqsaa was Ishaaq.

• Dawood’s real name was Abar.

• Ahsan ul Qasas is the life history of hazrat Yousif.

• Nebuchadnezzer was ruler of Babylon, he founded Hanging garden which is one of the wonders of the world.

• Qaidar was one of the sons of Ismail who stayed at Hijaz.

• Idrees used the first pen.

• Four Ambiyah are still physically alive they are Esa and Idrees in the skies and Khidr and Ilyaas are on the earth.


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