Xiaomi Introduced 360 Degree Home Security Camera 2K

Xiaomi Whimsical CGI Camera Takes Mumbai by Storm in New Campaign

Forget bland product demos: Xiaomi’s latest marketing campaign for their 360° Home Security Camera 2K is anything but ordinary. Embracing the power of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) they have transformed the camera into a life size character exploring the vibrant streets of Mumbai.

This charming CGI camera isn’t just window shopping. It playfully interacts with residents, subtly highlighting the camera’s features:

AI Human Detection: The camera gives a knowing nod, showcasing its ability to distinguish people from pets or shadows.

Two Way Audio: Conversations magically spring up from thin air, demonstrating the camera’s built in speaker for remote communication.

Crystal Clear Video: Every detail is razor-sharp, thanks to the high-resolution video capabilities.

360° Panorama View: No blind spots here! The camera’s full range is playfully highlighted as it captures everything without missing a beat.

Instead of simply showing off their product, Xiaomi crafted an immersive journey that sparks curiosity and leaves a lasting impression. With a playful touch and interactive elements.

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