CSS PMS NTS Law MCQs Past Papers Entry Test Preparation

(1) Public nuisance is a tort: (a) Only when it prejudicially affects the public (b) Only when it damages property belonging to the public (c) Only when it causes direct and substantial injury to an individual (d) None of these (2) Confession made under the promise of secrecy is: (a) Admissible (b) Inadmissible (c) Objectionable … Read more

International Relations Solved MCQs Past Papers CSS PMS NTS Test Preparation

1. Present Secretary General of the U.N belongs to: a) Nigeria b) Ghana c) Chile d) None of these b) Ghana (Kofi Anan) 2. Leader of Taliban Government in Afghanistan was: a) Hekmatyar b) Mullah Umar c) Hamid Karzai d) None of these b) Mullah Umar 3. Patrice Lumamba was the Prime Minister of: a) … Read more

International Law Solved MCQs Past Papers CSS PMS NTS LLB LLm Entry Test Preparation

(1) Number of Judges of International Court of Justice is (a) Nine (b) Twelve (c) Fifteen (d) None of these (2) Permanent Court of International Justice was established under (a) League of Nations (b) UNO (c) European Union (d) None of these (3) Pacta Sunt Servanda means (a) Treaties between states are to be respected … Read more