SPSC Assistant Prosecutor General Assistant District Public Prosecutor MCQs Papers Notes

SPSC Assistant Prosecutor General Assistant District Public Prosecutor MCQs Papers Notes

(1) Res judicata is:

(a) Bar- to-defense (b) Bat- to- execution
(c) Bar to suits (d) None of these

(2) Commission is appointed for:

(a) deciding a case (b) effecting a compromise
(c) executing a judgment (d) none of these

(3) Discovery is for:

(a) Production of a document (b) Production of suit property (c) Production of a witness (d) none of these

(4) A letter of request is for:

(a) local inspection (b) avoidance of an order (c) examination of witness not in Pakistan (d) none of these

(5) Subjudice is:

(a) a case already decided (b) a case pending in court (c) a case yet to be filed in court (d) none of these.

(6) Affidavit is:

(a) statement made in court (b) statement made before a police officer (c) statement in writing sworn an oath (d) none of these.

(7) Pecuniary jurisdiction is:-

(a) territorial jurisdiction (b) lacking in jurisdiction (c) jurisdiction limited by amount or money. (d) none of these.

(8) Ex-Parte judgment is: .

(a) against a party (b) in the absence of a party (c) in favour of a party (d) none of these

(9) Good will in business is:

(a) fellow feeling (b) good wishes
(c) property (d) none of these

(10) Lien IS:

(a) right to acquire the property of another (b) right to sell property (c) right to retain property belonging to another (d) none of these

(11) Novation of contract is:

(a) its repudiation (b) its recognition
(c) its substitution (d) none of these

(12) Restitution is:

(a) payment of compensation (b) promise to do a thing (c) restoration of position (d) none of these

(13) Surety is a person:

(a) who commits default (b) who makes a promise
(c) who gives a guarantee (d) none of these

(14) Reciprocal promises are:

(a) undertaking by two or more persons (b) commitment to do a thing (c) a promise by one in consideration of a promise by another (d) none of these.

(15) Tort is:

(a) breach of a promise (b) crime committed
(c) trust betrayed (d) none of these

(16) In Tort action:

(a) motive is decisive – (b) relevant
(c) irrelevant (d) none of these

(17) Legal Damage means:

(a) damage to immovable property (b) pecuniary loss (c) violation of a right (d) none of these.

(18) Act of state is:

(a) an individual’s act . (b) a breach of promise
(c) a duty not discharged (d) none of these.

(19) Joint tort feasors are:

(a) persons making promises jointly (b) persons violating promises (c) person joining in committing tort (d) none of these.

(20) Libel is:

(a) a true allegation against someone (b) a false allegation against someone (c) oral accusation (d) none of these.