SPSC ASI Past Paper of Sindhi Essay English Essay General Knowledge

Sindh Public Service Commission SPSC ASI Past Paper of Sindhi Essay English Essay General Knowledge. ASI Past Papers and Sample Papers.

English Essays

1. Global Warming
2. Patriotism
3. Poverty
4. Unemployment
5. Co education
6. Importance of english

Sindhi Essays

1. Mehnat ji azmat
2. Hubbul watani
3. Sachal sarmast
4. Sindh ji sakafat
5. Kitab hik behtareen dost aahey
6. Ittifaq men barkat aahey

General Knowledge

1. Yongtze RIVER
2. Length of wall of china?
3. smallest tenure governor general?
4. founder of nuclear program in pakistan
5. eye is sensitive to which colour?
6. intentional antonym?
7. title of hazrat nooh a.s
8. gathering on arafat on which day?
9. no: of states in u,s
10. red tower is in?

11.kissing of hajre aswad?
12. rajab is month of?
13.how many independant countries are there?
14. hardest bone?
15. 17th ammendment
16. silicon valley
17. sudan currency
18. after school, I shall be going to the library? correct or incorrect
19.Nimaz e istaska?
20. calorie?

21.shortest time P.M of Pakistan: General Ayub khan
22.Khateeb ul anbia tiltle
23.Shortest period of Governer General: Iskander mirza
24.Judicial synonyms:Sensible
25.WTO headquarters: Geneva
26. Popular Game of world: Football
27.Children Organization Associated with UNO:UNICEF
28.IRSA abbreviation: Indus…..
29. Correct Sentence: After School I go for study in Library..
30.Incorrect sentence: whom was she to..

31. Eye is sensitive To:

32. Prophet Muhammad went to Miraj for How many times to REquest Allah for reduction of Namaz Timing: 5 time, 6 times, 7 times, 9times

33.Kosovo got independence

34.Yahaya dissolved One unit on

35:dominish synonyms:

36: Founder of Pakistan Atomic program:

37.South Sudan currency:





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