SEE Law Test Syllabus Pattern Criteria MCQS Past Papers

HEC Special Equivalence Examination SSE Law Test Syllabus MCQS Past Papers

Syllabus: SEE-LAW for LAW Graduates of foreign Universities

Constitution 20%

1) Constitutional History of Pakistan (Constitutional History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan).

2) Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 (Fundamental Rights, i.e. Articles 8-24; Parliament, i.e. Articles 50-89; The Judicature, i.e. Articles 175-272).

Civil Procedure Code 20%
1) CPC (Sections 9-12, 15-20, 47, 75, 96, 104, 115, 151. Orders 1, 6-9, 39, 41, 43).

Criminal Procedure Code 20%
1) Cr. P.C.
i) Chapter 1 (Preliminary Definitions).
ii) Chapter 5 (Arrest, Escape and Retaking).
iii) Chapter 7 (Processes to compel the production of documents & other move able property, and for the
discovery of persons wrongfully confined).
iv) Chapter 8 (Security for keeping the peace and for good behavior).
v) Chapter 10 (Public Nuisance)
vi) Chapter 11 (Temporary orders in urgent cases of nuisance and apprehended danger).
vii) Chapter 14 (Information to the police and their powers to investigate-FIR).
viii) Chapter 16 (Complaints to magistrate).
ix) Chapter 17 (The commencement of proceedings before court).
x) Chapter 31 (of Appeals)
xi) Chapter 39 (of Bail)

Law of Evidence 20%
Qanoon-e-Shahdat Order, 1984

Specific Relief Act 20%
(Section 8-11, Rescission, Cancellation, Rectification of Instruments, Sections 42 and 56).

Total 100%

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