PSEE 371 Judgement Sample Question

Public Service Entrance Exam 371 (PSEE 371)
Test of Judgement
Sample Question
You just completed a course at your supervisor’s request. While at the course, you learned that some of your office’s procedures are not in line with broader public service policies on protecting confidential information. All employees working in your unit had completed the same course previously, including your supervisor and her superior, yet no one has identified this oversight. You would be the first to draw attention to your unit’s faulty practices.
Copy the relevant pages from the course materials and put them on your supervisor’s desk.
How effective is this response?
1.   Very ineffective
2.   Ineffective
3.   Somewhat ineffective
4.   Somewhat effective
5.   Effective
6.   Very effective
Rate the effectiveness of the response by selecting your answer.
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