Process of Submission of Application for CSS Examination

(i). All applications for CSS Competitive Examination must be submitted on line through FPSC website
a) The closing date for submission of online Application Form to the Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad is 31stOctober, 2014.
b) Print out of the duly filled Online Form (i.e. Hardcopy) may be obtained and after signing it, copies of all documents/certificates as mentioned in para 27 of the Form alongwith original Treasury Receipt may be attached with it and furnished to FPSC so as to reach the FPSC (Headquarters)
within 10 days of the closing date. Preferably, the hardcopies may be dispatched or furnished before the closing date so that delay in transit may be avoided. Onus of proof of dispatch of hardcopy of online form and documents, before the closing date, shall solely lie on the candidate.
c) Candidates are cautioned that if an online application is received incomplete or wrongly filled in or its hardcopy not accompanied with any one of the documents mentioned in para-27 of application form, it will be rejected.
d) Hardcopy of the online application, if reached to FPSC after the stipulated period of 10 days from the closing date, it shall not be accepted and online form already submitted to FPSC shall stand rejected.
e) The hard copy of the online form should have the same entries as made in the online form submitted to FPSC, and any variation shall cause rejection of candidature.
f) No plea that hardcopy of online application form or any document attached with it has been lost or delayed in the post will be entertained.
g) The candidate shall have to pay/deposit Rs.250/- in the FPSC head of account as fine, if hard copy of online application is received without signature subject to no other deficiency in application/attached documents is involved”, otherwise, his/her application shall stand rejected
(ii). Candidate must pay Rs.2200/- as Application fee for examination, as per procedure prescribed in Appendix-II, deposited in the nearest Government Treasury or in State Bank/National Bank of Pakistan, under the account head “C02101-Organs of State Exam Fee(FPSC Receipt)”. Cash, postal orders,
bank drafts and cheques will not be accepted by the Federal Public Service Commission. Original treasury receipt for written examination must be attached with the application form to be
deposited to the Commission. Without providing original treasury receipt as prescribed above, the application of the candidate shall be rejected.
(iii). Subjects for the competitive examination will comprise compulsory papers of 600 marks and optional papers of 600 marks
(iv). Optional Subjects must be selected carefully. Candidates are cautioned that wrong selection of subjects will lead to rejection under para 7(i)(c) above and para 1(viii) of Appendix-I.
(v). Combination of optional subjects once chosen at the time of submission of online application shall not be allowed to change subsequently. Change of optional subjects in hard copy of
online form is also not allowed.
(vi). For whatsoever reasons, a candidate who misses any compulsory or optional subject of written examination for medical or any other reasons shall not be allowed to appear in the remaining
(vii). If a candidate misses a paper for any reason, no separate examination in that paper shall be arranged for him/her.
(viii). Number of Attempts: A candidate may attempt/avail three chances of the examination within prescribed age limits.
“A candidate shall be deemed to have attempted the examination and his chance shall stand consumed, if he/she actually appeared in any one or more papers of the examination and even if he/she tendered blank Answer Book/Sheet and even if rejected subsequently”
(ix). A candidate who conceal the number of previous attempts, will be prosecuted leading to his/her disqualification in accordance with clause 12(v) of CE-rules.
(x). No candidate will be admitted to the examination hall who does not hold a certificate of admission from the Commission and Original CNIC. An admission certificate generated or down loaded from FPSC website shall be accepted. Intimation about examination centre and Roll No. may be down loaded from FPSC website, if not received through post.
(xi). A candidate who arrives at examination hall/centre late, than the time mentioned in Admission Certificate & date sheet, he/she will not be allowed to sit in the examination.
(xii). Candidates will be admitted to the examination provisionally at their own risk subject to their being found eligible in all respects. On detailed scrutiny of the applications after the announcement of
result of the written part of the examination, if any candidate is found ineligible in any respect under rules for the examination his/her candidature will be cancelled/ rejected regardless of the fact
whether he/she has appeared in the examination or qualified therein.
Note: To avoid “INCONVENIENCE”, candidates are advised in
their own interest to make sure before appearing at the examination that they fulfill all requirements of the rules, relating to the examination.