Process of Re Counting of CSS Marks


(xxvii). Answer Books in all subjects of examination are confidential documents and cannot, therefore, be permitted to be seen by candidates or their representatives nor re-examination of

answer books/scripts is allowed under any circumstances. A candidate desirous of getting his/her marks, awarded by the examiners, re-counted may submit his/her request for the purpose, within one month from the date of issue of result card/marks sheet alongwith a Treasury Challan of Rs. 500/- per paper as fee for re-counting of marks only. Thereafter, no such request will be entertained.

(xxviii). Reevaluation of marks awarded by the Viva Voce Board is not allowed under any circumstances.

(xxix). Grace marks are not allowed.

(xxx). Answer books of Candidates will be retained in the office of the Federal Public Service Commission for one year only and thereafter these will be destroyed. Candidates are, therefore,

cautioned that any query relating to their Answer books should be made within the specified period, thereafter, no request in this regard will be entertained.

(xxxi). Refund of Fee: No claim for refund of any fee will be entertained nor can the fees paid be held in reserve for another examination or selection.

5(xxxii). Reappearance in examination: If a candidate who took the Competitive Examination 2014 wishes to apply for admission to CE 2015 he/she must submit an application by the prescribed

date without waiting for the result of 2014. If subsequently it is not necessary for him/her to take the 2015 written examination, his/her examination fee will not be refunded.

(xxxiii). The Commission reserves the right to change the schedule of the examination as well as to cancel any paper/papers or the entire Competitive Examination without assigning any reason