Pak Navy Initial Test Past Papers MCQS Solved pdf

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PMS Syllabus for Business Administration



Total Marks: 100

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1. Management yesterday and today , Historical background of Management, Managing in the New Era  The Internet, Globalization, Knowledge Management and Collaboration across “boundaries”.

2. Planning: Delivering strategic value, the basic planning process, strategic planning, types of plans and decision making.

3. Organizing: Building a dynamic organization, fundamentals of organizing (differentiation & integration), organization structure (vertical & horizontal). Empowerment (Centralization & Decentralization), Coordination by (Standardization by plan & by adjustment). (Human Resource Management; (HRM); Planning, Recruitment, Selection and Training etc).

PMS Syllabus for the Subject of Public Administration

4. Leading: Mobilizing People, Human Factors and Motivation, Leading and Managing, Leadership and Followership, Power and Leadership. 5. Controlling: Learning and Changing, Basic Control Process, Control Techniques and IT, Organizing for Innovation (Technology, Job Design & HR Development, Project Implementation and Unleashing Creativity)

Total Marks: 100


Marks: 50

1. The Field of Marketing: Marketing Role and what is it all about: Who Performs Marketing Functions, Marketing and Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty, Global Marketing Systems, 4Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

2. The Marketing Environment and Market Selection: Internal & External Environment, Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Market Information & Research.

3. Product: Product Planning and Development, Product line and Product mix strategies, Branding, Packaging, Other Product Features and Services Marketing.

4. Price: Price determination (An Ethical Dilemma, Factors Influencing, and Setting Pricing etc.), Pricing Strategies (Price Vs Non Price Competition, Geographic Pricing, Discount & Allowances, Special Pricing Strategies and Situations etc).

5. Place:Middlemen and Distribution Channels, Designing, Selecting and Distribution of Channels, Retailing and Wholesaling.

6. Promotion: Marketing Communications Mix (Personal Selling, Advertising, Sales Promotion and Publicity or Public Relations).

Pakistan Studies MCQs

Pakistan Studies Past MCQs, Pak Study Entry Test MCQs Papers, Pakistan Studies Objective Type Notes for Tests Exams ...
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Islamic Studies MCQs

Islamiat Solved MCQs Notes Past Papers Islamic Studies,Islamiat,Islamyat Past MCQs Notes for Preparation of Examinations PPSC Islamic Studies ...
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