PMS Syllabus for Business Administration



Total Marks: 100

1. Management yesterday and today , Historical background of Management, Managing in the New Era  The Internet, Globalization, Knowledge Management and Collaboration across “boundaries”.

2. Planning: Delivering strategic value, the basic planning process, strategic planning, types of plans and decision making.

3. Organizing: Building a dynamic organization, fundamentals of organizing (differentiation & integration), organization structure (vertical & horizontal). Empowerment (Centralization & Decentralization), Coordination by (Standardization by plan & by adjustment). (Human Resource Management; (HRM); Planning, Recruitment, Selection and Training etc).

PMS Syllabus for the Subject of Public Administration

4. Leading: Mobilizing People, Human Factors and Motivation, Leading and Managing, Leadership and Followership, Power and Leadership. 5. Controlling: Learning and Changing, Basic Control Process, Control Techniques and IT, Organizing for Innovation (Technology, Job Design & HR Development, Project Implementation and Unleashing Creativity)

Total Marks: 100


Marks: 50

1. The Field of Marketing: Marketing Role and what is it all about: Who Performs Marketing Functions, Marketing and Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty, Global Marketing Systems, 4Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

2. The Marketing Environment and Market Selection: Internal & External Environment, Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Market Information & Research.

3. Product: Product Planning and Development, Product line and Product mix strategies, Branding, Packaging, Other Product Features and Services Marketing.

4. Price: Price determination (An Ethical Dilemma, Factors Influencing, and Setting Pricing etc.), Pricing Strategies (Price Vs Non Price Competition, Geographic Pricing, Discount & Allowances, Special Pricing Strategies and Situations etc).

5. Place:Middlemen and Distribution Channels, Designing, Selecting and Distribution of Channels, Retailing and Wholesaling.

6. Promotion: Marketing Communications Mix (Personal Selling, Advertising, Sales Promotion and Publicity or Public Relations).

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