Physics Quiz Questions Answers 

Physics Quiz Questions Answers Practice MCQS Test of Physics

1. Which of the following deals with the properties of matter and energy and their mutual relationship?
a. Chemistry
b. Astronomy
c. Physics
d. None of these

2. The mass of electron is:
a. 1.9 x 10-31 Kg
b. 9.1 I x 10-28 g
c. Equal to proton
d. None of these

3. The radius of hydrogen atom is:
a. 5.3 x 10 – 10 m
b. .53 x 10-10 m
c. .053 x 10-10 m
d. None of these

4. The radioactive substance whose half life is 7 days, decays completely in:
a. 14 days
b. 21 days
c. 28 days
d. None of these

5. The spiltting of spectral lines of an element when it radiates is a magnetic field is known as:
a. Induced emission
b. Zeaman effect
c. Population inverse
d. None of these

6. Normally the emitter of a transistor is:
a. Reverse biased
b. Forward biased
c. Not biased
d. None of these

7. Fission chain reaction is controlled by introducing rods of:
a. Graphite
b. Cadmium
c. Boron
d. None of these

8. The first atomic reactor was introduced by:
a. Curie
b. Wilson
c. Rutherford
d. None of these

9. Gamma rays waves like:
a. Sound waves
b. Beta waves
c. X-rays
d. None of these

10. The path Beta particle is:
a. Straight
b. Circular
c. Zig-zag
d. None of these

11. Which one is most penetrating?
a. β-rays
b. X-rays
c. γ-rays
d. None of these

12. A forward biased diode has resistance:
a. Zero
b. Infinite
c. Equal to reverse biased one
d. None of these

13. The reverse current through a semiconductor is due to:
a. Majority carriers
b. Electrons
c. Minority carriers
d. None of these

14. The energy of radio waves is greater than:
a. Light
b. Microwaves
c. X-rays
d. None of these

15. Thermal neutrons are:
a. At high temperature
b. Fast moving
c. Slow moving
d. None of these

16. In Somatic radiation damage there is:
a. Loss of hearing
b. Loss of hearing loss of hair
c. Ultraviolet beams
d. None of these

17. Laser beam consists of:
a. Monochromatic light
b. White light
c. Ultraviolet light
d. None of these

18. Which one is independent of frequency:
a. Impedance
b. Reactance
c. Resistance
d. None of these

19. N-type material is electronically:
a. Negative
b. Positive
c. Neutral
d. None of these

20. The alternating current in the Secondary coil of a transformer is induced by:
a. A varying electric field
b. A varying magnetic field
c. dc in the primary coil
d. None of these

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