PayPal Stripe Account Opening Available in Pakistan

PayPal Stripe Account Opening Available in Pakistan soon as the caretaker government is making a plan to invite big online payment companies like PayPal and Stripe to come to Pakistan. They want to help the country sell more IT services. In May 2023, IT sales from Pakistan went up by 24%, and in 2022 that was $2.6 billion.

The IT Minister, Dr. Umar Saif, wants to increase IT sales to $5 billion. They will do this by training over 200,000 professionals, using special bank accounts, and bringing in global online payment platforms like Paypal and Stripe. Right now, over 600,000 Pakistanis are selling their IT services worldwide, making $250 million each month. But they ara facing trouble getting paid because Paypal and Stripe do not work in Pakistan yet.

Dr. Umar Saif shared on social media that Prime Minister Kakar liked their plan to bring Paypal and Stripe to Pakistan. The goal is also to create places for 500,000 freelancers to work together and earn an extra $3 billion each year.

The Prime Minister also agreed to support making smartphones in Pakistan and having a way for people to pay for them over time. They are also planning to introduce 5G in ten months with special rules to make it work well.