Patrol Officer Online MCQS Practice Test

Patrol Officer Online MCQS Practice Test

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76.70 men construct 150 meter long wall in 12 days so as how many persons construct 600 meters long wall in 30 days.

a.100 days b.110days c.112days d.114days

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77.if x=3, y=2 and z=1 than find value of 10xy+6yz-7zx

a.50 b.51 c.52 d.53

78.monthly income of a person is 6500. Find income tax at rate of 5%

a.3800 b.3300 c.4400 d.3900

79.find value of a+b if a=2/4 b=2/4

a. 1 b.2 c.4 d.8

80.War and peace is written by

a.John b.Tolstoy c.Smaual d.Austin

81.Pakistan became UNO member on 1947 on

a.30nov b.30sep c.30oct d.30dec

82.Who wrote sulah hudebia

a.hazrat umar b.Hazrat usman c.Hazrat ali d.Hazrat hamza

83. Author of “Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained” was:
a.John Milton b.john Austin c.Tolstoy d.Samual

84. Mirat ul uroos is novel of

a.Mustansar hussain b.bano Qudsia c.Molvi Nazeer d.Ibn e insha

85.Andhi kis ka afsana hai

a.Molvi Nazeer b.Qasmi c.Amjad islam d.Ghulam Abbas

86.Faiz ahmed faiz ko Lenin Peace prize kb mila

a.1962 b.1961 c.1960 d.1965

87.Haram zadi kis ka afsana hai

a.Ghullam abbas b.Hassan Askari c.Qasmi d.amjad islam

88. Which vitamin is not stored in human body

a.b b.c c.d d.e

89. Milk contains water

a.70% b.75% c.80% d.90%

90. Anarkali is written by

a.imtiaz ali taj b.bano quudsia c.allama iqnal d.altaf hussain

91. one KB is equall to

a.1026 bytes b.1030 bytes c.1040 bytes d.1024 bytes

92. in GW Basic GW stands for

a.gate way b.Get wait c.Goal week d.Grass weight

93. war of independence was fought in

a.1757 b.1857 c.1858 d.1758

94. Objective resolution was passed in 1949 on March

a.10 b.12 c.23 d.3

95. Nicosia is the capital city of

a. Cyprus b. Ghana c. Chili d. Zimbabwe

96. What is the currency of Fiji

a.Rial b.Dollar c.Euro d.Taka

97. Hayat-i-Jawid is written by

a.Hali b.allama Iqbal c.Shaikh sadi d.Jawid Hussain

98. Shahnama is written by

a.Jalandhry b.Firdusi c.Hali d.iqbal

99. Odyssey (Greek) is written by

a.Homer b.Dante c.Milton d.Keats

100. Which is the smallest ocean of the world

a. Pacific b. atlantic c.indian d. arctic

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