McDonalds Offers on National Cheeseburger Day

McDonalds Offers on National Cheeseburger Day: The renowned fast-food giant is commemorating National Cheeseburger Day on Monday by offering a significant discount on one of its most beloved menu items: the Double Cheeseburger.

For September 18th only, patrons will have the opportunity to acquire this delectable sandwich for a mere 50 cents.

McDonalds Offers on National Cheeseburger Day

This exclusive deal is accessible solely to customers who utilize the fast-food chain’s smartphone app and is restricted to one burger per customer.

When users access the app, they will be prompted to seize the National Cheeseburger Day promotion, and the discount will be automatically applied when they proceed to checkout.

This promotion is the latest in a series of app-based initiatives by McDonald’s. In July, the company distributed complimentary fries in honor of National French Fry Day. Earlier this year, McDonald’s offered a complimentary 6-piece McNuggets to app users in celebration of the item’s 40th anniversary.

However, it’s worth noting that the 50-cent burger isn’t the most economical burger deal available from a fast-food chain on Monday.

Wendy’s is outdoing McDonald’s by presenting a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from September 18th through September 22nd. The caveat? You can only add this one-cent burger to your order if you purchase another item from the menu.

To redeem the Wendy’s offer, you’ll need to visit the “offers” section of the Wendy’s app or website.

Meanwhile, Burger King is offering a complimentary cheeseburger to any member of its Royal Perks rewards program who makes a purchase of $1 or more.

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