iOS 17 new Updated Features Download

iOS 17 new Updated Features Download

iOS 17 new Updated Features Download like Lockdown Mode Improvements,Anti-Web Tracking and Improved Passkeys.Apple has launched a brand new iOS 17 update for iPhones, and its fundamental intention is to hold your cellphone cozy. They brought a few new functions to assist defend those who could be in danger from hackers and adware, which includes journalists and activists. Here are some updated features;

iOS 17 new Updated Features Download

Lockdown Mode Improvements:
Lockdown Mode, which makes your phone more secure, now works on Apple Watches as well as iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
It turns off certain features that hackers have used to spy on people, like iMessage and HomeKit.
Lockdown Mode also removes location data from photos when you share them, so others can’t track your location.
It prevents your phone from connecting to unsecure Wi-Fi networks that could be used to spy on your internet activity.
It blocks connections to 2G mobile networks, which can be used for surveillance.

Anti-Web Tracking:
The Safari web browser in iOS 17 hides information that can be used to track you online, making it harder for websites and advertisers to follow you.
You can turn this feature on in your Safari settings for private browsing or all your browsing sessions. It won’t disrupt your regular web use.
Private browsing will now require your face or fingerprint to unlock.

Improved Passkeys:
Passkeys are a comfortable manner to log in to websites without worrying about your passwords getting stolen.
Now, you can share passkeys (and passwords if you need to) with friends and family, and it’s all encrypted, so only the people you share with can access them, not even Apple can.

So, the iOS 17 update is all about keeping your iPhone safe and your online activities private.

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