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Grammar Spelling and Punctuation Test GSPAT-120 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Sample Test

Grammar Spelling and Punctuation Test GSPAT-120 Multiple Choice Questions Practice Sample Test

Choose the word with correct spellings

Q.1. intigral integral antegral entegral

Q.2. affluence effluesce affluense affluince

Q.3.  enarmity enormity inarmity inormity

Q.4 chastened chestened  chasetened  chaistened


Choose the correct meanings of the underlined words

Q.5 She always remained unswerving.


Firm and resolute

Ready to face

Prepared for the worst

Q.6 The phrase “Frozen to the ground” means


Calm and quiet



Q.7The word “Accustomed “means.


Used to



Q.8 The word “Quiver” means

To demonstrate

To shake slightly

To act amusingly

To push strongly

Q.9 I believe one must be versatile.






Choose the correct options according to grammar

Q.10 I soon returned home because I was upset. This is a

Compound sentence

Simple sentence

Complex sentence

Compound and complex

Q.11 Smoking is injurious to health. The underlined word is

Progressive form of verb

Present participle



Q.12 “Patience” is a/an

Material noun

Collective noun

Uncountable noun

Abstract noun

Q.13 You can put it wherever you like.The underlined clause is a/an

Adverbial clause

Adjective clause

Noun clause

Prepositional clause

Q.14 The correct pronunciation of ‘Perilous” is





Find sentence with correct punctuation


a) He always enjoyed sweets, chocolate, tea and toffee apples.

b) He always enjoyed: sweets, chocolate, tea and toffee apples.

c) He always enjoyed sweets chocolate tea and toffee apples.

d) He always enjoyed sweet’s, chocolate, tea’s and toffee apple’s.

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