General Election in Pakistan January 2024

General Election in Pakistan January 2024

Pakistan’s Election Commission has announced the date for the upcoming national and provincial general election in Pakistan January 2024. ECP say that elections will held at the end of January 2024. This is a good new for the political parties of the Pakistan.

General Election in Pakistan January 2024

The Election Commission has desired to conducta free and fair election. They will start by showing a list of voting areas on September 27, 2023. People can check these lists and submit objections with in time given. After listening to what people say, the Election Commission will make the final list on November 30. They want to make sure the areas where people vote are what people want.

Once the final list is ready, the general elections in Pakistan will be just 54 days away, happening at the end of January. So, political parties and candidates will get ready to talk to the people and compete for votes.

The report of the Asian Development Bank released yesterday also said that there is a possibility of improvement in the economy of Pakistan due to the elections during the current fiscal year, while two days ago the former Secretary Election Commission and Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab for Law Kunwar Dilshad. It was also said in a statement that the election is expected to be held between January 15 and 25,2024 but only the Election Commission has the authority to announce the date of the election, no organization can put pressure on the Election Commission for the date election date.

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