FIA Sub Inspector ASI Constable Assistant LDC UDC Steno Syllabus Solved MCQS pdf

FIA Sub Inspector ASI Constable Assistant LDC UDC Steno Syllabus Solved MCQS pdf

1- Basic Information about Holly Quran.
2. Basic Information about Hadith & Sunnah.
3. Basic Information about Sharia Law:
Inheritance, Qisas & Diyat, Tazir, Zakat System.
4. Famous Personalities (Warriors, Sahaba, Scientists, Kings, Scholars).
5. Life of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).
6. Khilafat-e-Rashida.
7. Early Battles of Islam including Ghazwat.
8. Famous Islamic Books.
9. Islamic countries & cities.
10. OIC
11. Questions about Hajj.
12. Questions about Roza/Ramzan.
13. Questions about Angels, revealed books.
14. Questions about Siah e sitta.
15. Questions about Islamic conquest of Spain.
16. Events about Earlier Prophets.
17. Famous Islamic Landmarks.
18. Famous Islamic learning centers.
19. Questions about Ummayads and Abbasi Empire.
20. Spread of Islam in India & Pakistan.

English 20%

1. Completion of sentences
2. Vocabulary
3. Antonyms
4. Synonyms
5. Comprehension on the base of given para
6. Sentence correction
7. Precise Writing
8. Report Writing
9. Pair of words
10.Pair of words

1. World Geography. i
2. World demography.
3. Major Forests.
4. Major Historical places and archelogical sights.
5. Major deserts.
6. Famous rivers, Lakes, Seas.
7. Green which marine time (locations latitude loositnte).
8. Human Anatomy.
9. Scientific discoveries & inventions.
10. International Organizations.
11. International Treaties.
12. Interpol.
13. Head of States. i
14. World Wars and international conflicts.
15. International Sports events.
16. Famous International living personalities.
17. Noble winners. |
18. Abbreviations.
19. Vaccines – Medicines.
20. Internet related information.

I.Q. 20%
1.Word Problems.
2.Arithmetic questions.
3. Diagnostic tests
4. Graphs._______
5. Ratio.

1. Geography of Pakistan.
2. Dams in Pakistan.
3. Deserts in Pakistan.
Mountains in Pakistan.
Ports in Pakistan.
6. Forests in Pakistan.
7. Wars fought by Pakistan.
8. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, Governors in Pakistan.
9. Head of Institutions, SCP, Senate, National Assembly, State Bank, Army, Air Force, Navy etc.;
10. Constitutional Amendments (Basics) and History._______
11. Islamic Provisions in Pakistan’s Constitution and Laws (Zakat Ordinance).
12. Economy of Pakistan (Infrastructure development (CPEC), Motorways, Highways, Energy
______project, water projects, circular debt, GDP.___________
13. Life of Quaid-e-Azam.
14. Life of Allama Iqbal.
15. Pakistan’s International Treaties (CENTO, SCP, SAARC, ECO etc.).
16. Main events of Pakistan movement (creation of Muslim League, Partition of Bengal,
______Lucknow Pact, Khilafat Movement Nehru Report & 14 Points, Round table conference.
17. 1973 Elections, Lahore Resolution, 1946 election, partition plan.
18. Sports in Pakistan.
19. National Symbols Including military.
20. Kashmir Problem.
21. Agriculture in Pakistan.
22. Scientists in Pakistan including personalities.
23. Books about Pakistan.

1.Basic Hardware components.
2.RAM and ROM difference.
3.Basic obbreviation used in computer CCPU, Al.
4.M.S Word, MS Excell, MS Power Point.
5.Basic Computer terminology.
6.Internet and Social Media.