Excise inspector interview questions guideline preparation experience

PPSC has announced excise insector test result on 20th may 2014. The friends who have qualified for interview will be now planning for a good interview, so i am going to help my friends for a good interview. First of all you should prepare your master subject and elective subjects in graduation thoroughly and well. Second go to your district excise taxation office and meet any excise inspector and try to know about excise department functions and particularly inspector duty. If my any friend has no approach to any inspector, he should not worry, he should visit us and comments your question about the excise department. Interview pannel will be consists of 2 or 3 members in which one menber will be from excise department. Thirdly touch with current affairs, read newspaper daily.

The Excise & Taxation Department of the Government of the Punjab provides the following services 

Collection of Provincial Taxes as assigned by the Government.

Collection of Capital Value Tax and Advance Income Tax on behalf of Federal Government at the time of registration of a vehicle and collection of Motor Vehicle Tax respectively.

Issuance of Registration Marks and Certificates to Motor vehicles.

Collection of Token Tax from the owners of Tied-Up Vehicles through Bank. Collection of Token Tax from the owners of Non Tied-Up Vehicles through Post Offices.

Issuance of Duplicate Registration Certificates of the vehicles, Change of Ownership, Change of Engine Number and issuance of NOC etc. for the owners of the vehicles.

Collection of Property Tax according to the assessment of Property Unit.

Issuance of Assessment Copy of Property Unit on PT-1 Form.

Issuance of Clearance Certificate in respect of Property Unit.

Updating of records in respect of property units in respect of Change of Ownership, Self Occupied Property Unit, and Rented Property Unit etc.

Enforcement of Hadd Ordinance, 1979 for prohibition of liquors, intoxicants and narcotics.

Regulation of import, export, possession and consumption of various dangerous drugs and narcotic substances.

Issuance of different Permits/Licenses for possession and sale of liquors and spirits

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