Download Cadet College Petaro Admission Entry Test Past Sample Model Papers MCQs Objective

Download Cadet College Petaro Admission Entry Test Past Sample Model Papers MCQs Objective

Time: 1 Hour Max. Marks: 100 Passing Marks: 50


Q No.1 (a) FILL IN THE BLANKS: (Marks-30)
i. Giraffe brought a ___________________________________________ from its house.
ii. ___________________, the second caliph of Islam founded a system of postal service.
iii. Birds twitter and frogs __________________________________________________.
iv. R.M .S stands for ______________________________________________________.
v. An adjective is a word which qualifies __________________ and ________________.
vi. A sentence that makes a statement or assertion is called _______________________.
vii. I go to school by bus but my friend goes ______________ __________________ foot.
Viii. The most comfortable and fastest means of transportation is_____________________.
ix. When is the passenger train leaving __________________________________Lahore?
x. The feminine of ‘Hero’ is _________________________________________________
xi. An aerogramme is used when someone wants to send a letter to__________________
xii. Did you go to school yesterday? Yes, I_______________________________________
xiii. A telephone set has a ____________________and a___________________________.
xiv. Tele-Card is ___________________________________________________________.
xv. The king of the forest is __________________________________________________.

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Q No.1 (b) Write TRUE or FALSE against each statement. (Marks-10)
i. The village Khanozai is near Peshawar __________
ii. Duckling is a young one of duck. __________
iii. ‘Talkative’ means a person who talks too much. __________
iv. The opposite of inland is outland. __________
v. There are three kinds of letter boxes in the post office. __________
vi. When the student come back from their schools, they put on their
school uniform. __________
vii. Garage is a place where animals are kept. __________
viii. ‘Karaiz’ is an underground canal. __________
ix. We use aerogramme when we want to send a letter to a foreign country. __________
x. ‘Fastest’ is the 3rd from of verb ‘Fast. __________
Q No.2 (a) Correct the following spellings: (Marks-10)
i. Oposit ______________________ ii. Ladar _____________________
iii. Neihborhood _________________ iv. Pikcher ___________________
v. Kasle _______________________ vi. Favrit _____________________
vii. Enternashnal__________________ viii. Skiping ___________________
ix. Dizee_______________________ x. Tortoys ____________________

Q No.2(b) Write the singular / plural of the following nouns: (Marks-05)
i. Calf _______________________ ii. Child_________________
iii. Sheep ____________________ iv. Baby_________________
v. Sandwich __________________
Q No.3(a) Give the opposite words of the following: (Marks-05)
i. Colourful _____________ ii. Departure _____________ iii. Loud __________
iv. Real ________________ v. Sunrise. ____________

Q No.3(b) Re-arrange the following words to make sentences: (Marks10)
i. the modes are the transportation of what?
ii. get the bus on the boys.
iii. love you do parents your?
iv. famous industry is of Quetta weaving carpet.
v. funny stories also funny have characters.

Q No.4 Translate any Five of the following: (Marks-10)

Ten Urdu Sentences will be given for translation form Urdu to English

Q No.5 Write a short paragraph on any ONE of the following. (Marks-10)
i. Telephone ii. My Best Friend iii. My Favourite Sports

Q No.6 Answer any Five of the following questions: (Marks-10)
i. What does a postman do?
ii. What is meant by R.M.S?
iii. Why did chicken want permission for going to school?
iv. What is a telephone booth?
v. What are the uses of shells?
vi. What service other than mailing does a post office offer?

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