Constitutional Law Multiple Choice Questions Answers Practice Test

Constitutional Law Multiple Choice Questions Answers Practice Test

1.The former USSR had 15 Union Republic

2. Presidium of the Supreme Soviet consisted of 23 members.

3. Switzerland has 23 Cantons.

4. Peer is the title for the members of House of Lords.

5. Cabinet Government thrives under the cloak of Ministerial Responsibility.

6. England can never be ruined except by a Cabinet .

7. Every Lord had a right to vote by proxy which was abolished in 1868.

8. Before Reduction of Power in both Houses Pears could only be tried by pears in cases of felony and treason.

9. The judicial Committee of Privy Council was set up by an Act of Parliament .

10. Country is the largest Local government division in England.

11. In France, Arrondissement do not play an important part in the system of Local Government.

12. The American Confederation of 13 States was created on 17 September, 1787 .

13. The American Constitution vested Residuary Powers with the States.

14. The American Sovereign is a sovereign who Rules .

15. In USA total number of electoral votes is always 538 .

16. The US President can declare war only with the consent of Senate

17. Committees are called as Mini legislatures.

18. Misuse of the privilege of unrestricted freedom of debate in US is known as Yellow Journalism .

19. The Objectives Resolution was passed by the 1st Constituent Assembly in 1949.

20. The present Constitution of Turkey (1982) was drafted by the Legislation.

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