Cadet College Wana Admission Entry Test Past Paper English

Cadet College Wana

Jewel of South Waziristan Agency

Model Paper English

Class 8th

Time: 1 Hour                                                                                                             Total Marks: 75

Note: Attempt All the Questions.

Q1: Write an Essay on Any One of the following Topics.                                    (20)

1) My Aim in Life    2) A Cricket Match    3) My School.

Q2: Write a letter to your friend condoling the death of his mother.              (15)

Q3: Use the following pair of words into meaningful sentences.                      (10)

1) Banish, Exile   2) Bad, Bade     3) Cattle, kettle

4) Bring, Fetch     5) Coarse, Course.

Q4): Re-arrange the following into meaningful sentences.                                 (5)

  1. Do, in, as, Romans, The, do, Rome.
  2. Precious, your, time, waste, not, do.
  3. Dutiful, a, teacher, good, is.
  4. Sleep, a, sound, enjoying, is, he.

Q5): Change the voice of the following.                             (5)

  1. You have not taken exercise.
  2. Ibrar reads a book.
  3. He does not fly a kite.
  4. Amna wrote a letter.
  5. Who jumped over the wall.

Q6: Do as directed  (10)

  1. He runs quickly. The underlined word is (verb, Adjective, Adverb).
  2. I placed my book the table.(use preposition).
  3. I shall visit Swat tomorrow. (Change into negative).
  4. They purchased some clothes.(Change into interrogative)
  5. Define Adjective.
  6. This is a very beautiful flower. The underlined word is (Adjective, Adverb, Verb)
  7. The teacher has not been teaching English . ten days(For, Since)
  8. He had to Murree.(go, Went ,gone)
  9. are articles. (Fill in the blank)

Q7: Translate the following into English.                (10)

5 urdu fiqry diy jean gy

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