Cadet College Swat 8th Class Entry Test English Model Papers

Cadet College Swat 8th Class Entry Test English Model Papers

Cadet College Swat Entrance Test for Class VIII

Paper: English

Time: One hour                                                                                                                   Marks:       100

Q.1.    a.         Do as directed                 (20)                                                                                                    (1) The book is ________ the table.                         (put suitable preposition)

(2) Always trust ________ Allah                               (put suitable preposition)

(3) Respect ________ elders                                   (Use article)

(4) She is ________ M.A                                         (Use article)

(5) His father is (serious) ill.                                     (Use correct Adverb)

(6) She took tea.                                                      (Change into negative)

(7) He went________ the library                             (By, For, To)

(8) He pours tea _______ the cup                           (into, onto, to)

(9) As you so __________ shall you reap               (so, from, by)

(10) Ahmad _________ a good family.                   (from, on, for)

Correct the following spellings to become meaningful words.                                      (10)

Tamperature               ii.  Nationel                  iii.   Attracttive             iv.  Glamuor

Badget                         vi.  Courege                vii.  Liptop                    viii.  Hydrolic

Masculane                  x.  Beautifal

Make useful Sentences.                                                                                                       (10)            

(1) Unable      (2) Narrow        (3) Brought     (4) Creator     (5) Notorious

Rearrange the following into meaningful sentences                                         (10)

(i) Health   injurious   smoking   is    to           (ii) Walk good   morning   for   is   health

(iii) Good   reading   a   is    habit                    (iv) Neighborhood   our   in   he   living   is

(v) Capital city KP   of   is   Peshawar   a

Q.2.     Write an essay of about 100 words on any ONE of the following                (15)

  1.          My country     b.  My best friend        c. The Importance of Computer

Q.3.     Write a letter to your father telling him about your progress in studies.      (15)


Write an application to the Principal of your School for fee concession.

Q.4      a          Translate the following into Urdu                      (10)

(1) Respect the elders and love the youngers.

(2) Libraries plays important role in a country’s progress.

(3) Daily exercise and balanced diet is good for health.

(4) Have you ever seen a lion in real?

(5) Pakistan has been the victim of terrorism since 2001.

b. Translate the following into Urdu                                                                                      (10)

1. Safai nisf eman hai

2.Perhais elaj sy behtr ha

3. hockey pakistan ka qumi khail hai

4. sanp ko dakhty hi wo byhosh ho gia wo baqaidgi cy warzish krta hai?

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