Cadet College Petaro Syllabus Pre O Level Entry Tests

Cadet College Petaro Syllabus Paper Pattern Admission Pre O-Level Entry Tests You must Read: Model Papers forpreparation of the test

English Syllabus

01. Composition

02. Reading Comprehension

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03. Grammar:

Parts of speech
Singular and plural
Sentence: Structure and it’s kinds
Tenses (with special emphasis on subject Verb agreement in a sentence)
Passive Voice
Direct and Reported Speech

Mathematics Syllabus

01. Factors & Multiples

02. Integers

03. Rational Number

04. Estimation & Approximation

05. Algebra

06. Number Sequence & Patterns

07. Algebraic Equation

08. Perimeter And Area

09. Volume & Surface Area

10. Ratio Rate & Speed

11. Percentages

12. Function & Graphs

13. Statistics

14. Basics Geometrical Concepts

15. Angle Properties Of Polygons

General Science Syllabus

01. Human Digestive System

02. Human Circulation System

03. Animal And Plant Cell Structure

04. Nutrition In Human And Plants

05. Nutrients

06. Movement of Substances

07. Acids, Bases & Salts

08. Element, Atom, Molecules & Compounds

09. Kind Of Water Pollution

10. Mixture Separation

11. Air Its Composition & Type Of Pollutions

12. Solution & Suspension

13. Water as a Compound, Solvent & its Purification

14. Measuring Length Area & Volume

15. Time, Rate & Speed

16. Mass, Density & Temperature

17. Matter & their Physical Properties

18. Energy & its Kinds

19. Reflection & Refraction of Light

20. Force & Pressure

21. Sound

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