Cadet College Entry Test Past Papers for Class 7 pdf

Cadet College Entry Test Past Papers for Class 7 pdf download syllabus and sample papers for Cadet College Jhelum entry test 7th class

Paper Pattern for Class-7th
Maximum marks: 50

Q 1: Write an essay on any one of the following. 10
(a) The policeman (b) My school (c) My favorite game

Q 2: Answer these questions in five sentences. 05
i. Why do you want to join Cadet College?
ii. What is your daily routine?

Q 3: Complete the following sentences; inserting the plural forms of the nouns in brackets. 05
i. The (girl) are playing with their (friend).
ii. The (sheep) graze in the (field).
iii. These (tree) shed their (leaf) in autumn.
iv. Keep (knife) away from the reach of (child).
v. The (man) gather (strawberry) to make jam.

Q.4: Change the following sentences into negative and interrogative. 10
i. I will go to the market today.
ii. They reached Lahore yesterday.
iii. You play hockey.
iv. The wet shirt dries in the sun.
v. She will complete her work.

Q 5: Use the correct form of verb given in the brackets to make past continuous tense. 05
i. When I saw him, he (go) to school.
ii. While saeeda (pluck) flowers, the gardener came.
iii. The light went out when I (take) tea.
iv. When you were writing a letter, I (read) a book.
v. I (take) rest when the bell rang

Q 6: Complete the following sentences with adjective given in the brackets in form of
Comparison. 05
i. My father is four years__________ (old) than my mother.
ii. Fatima is the ___________(young) of the six children.
iii. Zara is the__________(tall) girl in the class.
iv. This is the___________(interesting) story I have ever read.
v. Salman is a___________(hardworking) student.

Q 7: Translate into Urdu. 10
Etiquettes are the correct rules for behavior in a society. It is very important to do the right things
when you are on the road. It means knowing the difference between life and death. That is why
everybody should follow travelling etiquettes. School boys should particularly understand and
follow travelling etiquettes. Download Cadet College 7th Class Entry Test Syllabus Past Papers