Army Public Schools 6th Class Admission Entry Test Sample Paper

Army Public Schools 6th Class Admission Entry Test Sample Paper

Army Public Schools and Colleges Admission in 6th Class Entry Test Paper, Sample Papers, Model Papers, Paper Pattern, Paper Distribution, Questions Pattern

Admission Assessment Test For Middle School

(C l ass – VI)

Subject: English


Sea-lions bear some resemblance to seals, though they are much larger. When fully grown they are from twenty feet in length, and from eight to fifteen feet in circumference; they are extremely fat, so that having cut through the skin, which is about an inch in thickness there is at least a foot of fat before you come to either lean or bones.

Their skins are covered with short grey hair, but their tails and their fins, which serve them for feet on shore, are almost black.

They have a distant resemblance to an overgrown seal, though in some particulars there is a manifest difference between them, especially in the males. These have a large snout, or trunk, hanging down five or six inches below the end of the upper jaw, which the females have not.

These animals divide their time equally between the land and the sea, continuing at sea all the summer, and coming on shore at the in of water, where they reside during the whole of that season. In this interval they bring forth their young, and have generally two at a birth. During the time these sea lions continue on shore, they feed on the grass and small plan t which grow near the banks of fresh-water stream.

Q.1: Read the given passage carefully and answer the following questions

  1. Which is bigger, a sea lion or a seal?
  2. What is the length of a fully grown sea-lion?
  3. What is the thickness of a sea-lion’s skin?
  4. How does the face of a male sea-lion differ from that of a female?

Q.2: Write a paragraph on “Computer”

Subject: Math

Q.1: Round off these numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

a) 14039

b) 19650

Q.2: Find the L.C.M and H.C.F. of the following pairs:-

a) 108 and      144

b) 35 and      105

Q.3: Use brackets and reduce each number to its lowest term.

2/5 * 9/10 * 2/7

Q.4: Use BODMAS rule and simplify the following:-

20+[5 *{9 *- (1* 2/3 / 5/6)}]

Subject: Urdu

سوال نمبر-۱ مضمون تحریر کری                   

کمپیوٹر کے نقصانات اور فوائد”’’


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