Arithmetic Reasoning Solved Multiple Choice Questions Answers for Preparation of PSEE 371

Arithmetic Reasoning Solved Multiple Choice Questions Answers for Preparation of PSEE 371

1.In December, an office spent $480, or 15% of its non-personnel expenses that month, for postage.
What were its total non-personnel expenses for December?
a. $3200 c. $5520
b. $552 d. $7200

2. A machine can collate 126 400 page books in 14 days. If it continues to collate at this same rate,
how many 400 page books could it collate in 30 days?
a. 256 c. 248
b. 290 d. 270

3.Robin can wallpaper a room in four hours, Susan can wallpaper the same room in seven hours.
How long will it take them to wallpaper the room if they work together?
a. 4.5 hours c. 5.5 hours
b. 3.2 hours d. 2.5 hours

4. Mary and Alice jog 3 miles each evening. If they run at a constant rate and it takes Mary 40
minutes while Alice finishes in half an hour, how much distance does Mary have left when Alice
a. I mile c. 2/3 mile
b. 3/4 mile d. 1.33 miles

5.If a couch cost $640 after a 20% discount, what was its original price?
a. $768 c. $800
b. $512 d. $780

6.Agency Y served 187,565 people in 1981. If the agency served 210,515 people in 1982, this
reflected an increase of:
a. 19.10% c. 12.2%
b. 15.6% d. 10.9%

7.If the sum of two numbers is 280, and their ratio is 7:3, then the smaller number is:
a. 28 c. 56
b. 84 d. 196

8.A car travels 50 miles an hour, and a plane travels 10 miles a minute. How far will the car travel
when the plane travels 500 miles?
a. 50.4 miles c. 41.6 miles
b. 37.5 miles d. 39.7 miles

9.A woman paid a tax of $88.00 on property assessed at $28,000. Her neighbor, assessed at the
same rate, paid a tax of $110. What was the assessed value of the neighbor’s house?
a. $22,400 c. $35,000
b. $32,400 d. $31,000

10. How many square tiles, each 12 inches on a side, will Ozzie need to cover a floor that is 11 feet
wide and 18 feet long?
a. 99 c. 163
b. 150 d. 198
Answers: a, d, d, b, c, c, b, c, c, d

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