AIOU B.Ed New Admission Requirements Duration Policy

Admission Requirement:
16 Years of Education (Academic disciplines other than Education) MA/MSc/BA Hon (4-Year)/BS(4 Years) with minimum second division.

Selection Process:
Direct admission

Duration: 1 Year 6 Months

Medium of Instruction: English/ Urdu

Teaching Methodology:
The University allots Study Centre and Tutors for the Students to get guideline accordingly. A student has to secure passing marks in Assignments as well as in final exams to successfully complete concerned Educational Programme.

AIOU Credits Required: 54 Credit Hours

Course Required:
Semester: 1
1. General Methods of Teaching (Professional)-8601
2. Educational Assessment and Evaluation (Professional)-8602
3. Curriculum Development (Foundation)-8603
4. Research Methods in Education (Professional)-8604
5. Educational Leadership and Management (Professional)-8605
6. Citizenship Education and Community Engagement-8606

Semester: 2
1. Area of Specialization (Course-I)-
2. Area of Specialization (Course-II)-
3. Area of Specialization (Course-III)-
4. Area of Specialization (Course-IV)-
5. Teaching Practice I (Professional)-8607
6. Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices (Professional)-8611

Semester: 3
1. Teaching Practice II (Professional)-8608
2. Philosophy of Education (Foundation)-8609
3. Human Development and Learning (Foundation)-8610
4. Professionalism in Teaching (Professional)-8612
5. Research Project (Content Embedded) (Professional)-8613
6. Educational Statistics (Professional)-8614

Elective Courses:
1. Leadership and Management (Course-I)-
2. Management Strategies In Educational Institutions-
3. School Administration And Supervision-
4. Plan Implementation And Educational Management-
5. School Leadership-
6. Educational Technology and Evaluation (Course-II)-
7. Educational Technology-
8. Computers in Education-
9. Broadcast media-
10. Non Broadcast media-
11. Teacher Education (Course-III)-
12. Elementary Education-
13. Secondary Education-
14. Higher Education-
15. Teacher Education in Pakistan-
16. Science Education (Course-IV)-
17. Foundation of Science Education-
18. Assessment in Science Education-
19. Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety Methods-
20. General Science in Schools-


Collaborations: NULL

Workshop: compulsory

Thesis: NULL

Practical: NULL