14 August Quiz Questions and Answers in Urdu

14 August Quiz Questions and Answers in Urdu
First secretary general of Muslim League was Hussain Bilgrami.

2nd President of ML was Sir Ali Mohd: Khan when Agha Khan III resigned in 1913.

Sir Mohammad Shafik was the second general secretary of Muslim League.

Quaid resigned from Congress and Home Rule League in Dec: 1920 (Nagpur Session) became ML president in 1916. (chk it)

Quaid held joint membership of ML & Congress for 7 years i.e from 1913-1920

He presided the ML Lucknow session of 1916 and Delhi session of 1924, became permanent president of ML in 1934.

Minto Morley reforms 1909: introduced separate electorates.

Montague Chemsford Reforms came in 1919.

Kanpur mosque incident took place in 1913.

Lucknow Pact came in Nov: 1916.

Rowalt Act was passed in 1919.

Khilafat Movement started in 1919 and ended in March 1921.

Khilafat day was observed on 27th October, 1919.

Chauri Chuara incident tookplace in 1922.

Atta Turk means the father of Turks.

Khilafat was abolished in 1924.

Last caliph of Turkish State was Abdul Majeed Afandi.

Hijrat Movement took place in 1924

Delhi proposals presented by Quaid-e-Azam in March 1927.

Nehru Report was produced by Motilal Nehru in 1928.

Shoaib Qureshi was one muslim member who took part in writing the Nehru Report.

14 Points came in March 1929 from Delhi.