Cadet College Wana Jewel of South Waziristan Agency General Science Past Paper

Cadet College Wana
Jewel of South Waziristan Agency     Time Allowed: 1 Hr
Paper General Science              Total Marks: 75
Class 8th
Note: This paper has two sections A and B. Attempt the paper according to the Instructions.
Time: 15Min                         SECTION A                                                 Marks: 11

Q: 1 Insert the correct option A, B, C or D in the box opposite to each statement.
i.     Rod shaped bacteria are called             .

(A) Cocci      (B) Bacilli    (C) Spirilla    (D) Vibrios
ii.    What is the nature of virus           ?

(A) living   (B) non living (C) both a & b (D) none of them
iii.    Star-Fish is the member of which phylum        ?
(A) Protozoa  (B) Porifera (C) Echinodermeta (D) Annelida.
iv.    Over- farming leads to          .

(A) Fertility (B) numeral Deficiency (C) both a & b (D) None of them.
v.    The chemical formula of Nitric acid is         .
(A)  Hcl     (B) NHo3           (C) H2So4       (D) HI
vi.    The bond formed between NaCl is         .

(A) Ionic bond (B) Covalent bond (C) Co-ordinate Covalent bond (D) Hydrogen bond.
vii.    Naturally diamond is a skeleton , composed of         .

(A)  Carbon      (B) Hydrogen    (C) Oxygen  (D) Nitrogen.
viii.    Hydraulic machine runs by means of         .

(A)  Salt      (B) Acid    (C) H2o    (D) Base.
ix.    What happens to the K.E of the liquid Molecules when it is heated         ?

(A)  Increases  (B) Decreases (C) Remain Constant (D) none of them.
x.    In solids the distances between the molecules are         .

(A)  Small (B) Large (C) Both a & b (D) None of them.
xi.    Rocks are the big source of         .
(A) Salts   (B) Minerals (C) Coals (D) All of them.

Time: 45Min                                   SECTION B                                             Marks: 64
Note: Write short answers of any Eight of the following. Each question carries 8marks.
Q2:      Write a note on beneficial effects of bacteria?
Q3:          Differentiate between Plant and Animal cells?
Q4:    Five General characters of Phylum Protozoa with examples?
Q5:     Write a short note on chemical formula with example?
Q6:      Write a short note in ionic bond with examples?
Q7:     Differentiate between an acid and base?
Q8:      Law of Conservation of mass?
Q9:      What is Hydraulic machine?
Q10:     Write a short note on thermal expansion of gases?
Q11:     What is lense?

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