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PPSC Sample One Paper MCQs Test With Answers, Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore Online Preparation of One Paper Tests Examinations MCQs Type Questions download in pdf 1.Nicosia is the capital ...
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SEO Tips to Start a WordPress Website With huge Traffic Adsense CPC US Uk Traffic in Short Period

SEO Tips to Start a WordPress Website With huge Traffic Adsense CPC US Uk Traffic in Short Period

I have here a list of Best SEO tips for a good website to start and earn more from internet. A great but smart work is needed.

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  1. Choose a dot Com domain extension having short name.
  2. Choose a best company for hosting like blue host, host gator , go daddy or any other
  3. Your posts must focus global interests to get global traffic for high ad sense cpc
  4. Write always a unique and long content.
  5. Introduce your site on social networks and directories.
  6. Build back-links
  7. Always choose keywords from Google ad words
  8. Optimize your images and uploads and fast your speed
  9. Post title must be attractive and keywords targeted
  10. Follow meta tags in posts, pages and blog
  11. Link your posts to other related posts for internal linking
  12. Update site regularly
  13. Update Old Posts time to time
  14. Index site in all famous search engines well
  15. Do not copy from others websites
  16. Use Google analytic s
  17. Update word press time to time to latest version
  18. Install all basic word press plug-in
  19. Link your site to other sites
  20. Reply comments regularly
  21. Focus on latest current world technology events/changes
  22. Write as meaningful post/content in English language
  23. Always discover new things
  24. Publish latest events soon
  25. Write for your readers, check your site readers interest
  26. Make website user friendly
  27. Make website mobile friendly as large traffic is coming from mobile devices
  28. Always update Sitemap in webmaster tools
  29. Protect your site from spam, use security measures
  30. Check broken links
  31. Avoid 404 error
  32. Avoid server down
  33. Invest for traffic
  34. Website must be clear and with beautiful attractive homepage
  35. Publish fresh rich keyword content
  36. Write in simple language for understanding off all people
  37. Avoid duplicate posts/titles
  38. Getting old domain is also a great idea to start
  39. Monitor your competitors regular
  40. Don’t try to make the people fool.

I have mentioned above important things to start a good website with fine seo and earn more from ad sense. These tips also will help you in increasing ad sense cpc. So always try to work honestly but smartly.

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