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PAF Public School Sargodha 8th Class Admission Entry Test Sample Model Past Papers Math Urdu

PAF Public School Sargodha 8th Class Admission Entry Test Sample Model Past Papers Mathematics Urdu

Urdu Sample Paper


paf urdu paper

Math Sample Paper

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Objective Questions


Q No 1:-Fill in the blanks.

If A={2,4,6} , B = {4,6,8,10} Then A U B = ________.
For any two sets A and B , commutative property w.r.t intersection is _______________.
The solution set of y -2/4 = 10/2 is ______________.
Non terminating decimal fractions are of ___________types.
If 3x = 4y = 5z then x : y : z =______________.
The polynomial of degree one is called _____________.
A linear equation in one variable is an __________sentence.
The product of –7xy and 8xy is ______________.
2x + 1 = x + 7 then x = ____________.
The volume of a cylinder = ____________________ .

Type-II True / False

Q No 2 Indicate whether the given statements are True or False.

LCM of 24, 48 and 60 is 84
Area of rectangle = length x breath x height.
0.5% of 1/5 is 0.01.
Two angles, if the sum of their measure is 90o are called complement angles.
A triangle has all sides equal but angles are 90o .
Type –III Multiple Choice.

Q No 3 Select the most apprpriate answer
The sum of all angles of a triangle is:- (A) 120o (B) 180o (C ) 220o (D) 360o

Q No 4

(a) If 15 bags cost Rs 75.  The Price of 25 bags is:- (A) 130 (B) 145 (C ) 125 (D) None of these

(b) Simplify 2/4 + 3/6 – 5/3 (A) 1/3 (B) 1/2 (C) 2/3 (D) -2/3

(c)The decimal fraction of 0.5%is (A) 0.05 (B) 0.005 (C) 0.0005 (D) 0.500

(d) If S P is Rs 33000, C P is Rs 35000. The loss percentage: (A) 40/7 (B) 50/7 (C) 45/11 (D) 41/7

Subjective Questions

Q No 4 If A = N (set of Natural numbers), B = Z (Set of integers). Find (A) A – B (B) B – A

Q No 5 Simplify 13/2 – [(5/7 – 13/21) – {(7/3 – 7/6) +7/2-1/2 + 8/9}]

Q No 6 Divide (a4 + 4a3 b + 6a2 b2 + 4a b3 + b4 ) ¸ (a + b)
Q No 7 Find the square root of 0.81.
Q No 8 The surface area of the round table is 38.50 dm2. Find its radius.

Q No 9 Find the solution set of 7(x+2) -5 (x+3) = 9(4-x)

Q No 10 An iron cylinder is 21 cm long and its radios is 7 cm. Find the area of curved surface. (p = 22/7)

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