1. The British Parliament passed Indian independence Act on?
Ans. 18 July 1947

2. Who was the founder of Faraizy Movement?
Ans. Haji Shariat Ullah

3. Qutub-ud-Din Abek is buried in?
Ans. Lahore

4. The Indian war of independence began in May 1857 from
Ans. Meerut

5. The first SOS village of Pakistan was established at?
Ans. Lahore

6. Dasht River is located in?
Ans. Balochistan

7. Who wrote ” A passage to India”?
Ans. E.M. Froster

8. Lahore Islamabad Motorway length is?
Ans. 370km

9. The Khunjrab pass connects Pakistan with?
Ans. China

10. Quaid-e-Azam Joined Muslim League in?
Ans. 1913

11. The Indus water treaty signed in 1960 during regime of?
Ans. Ayub Khan

12. Who was the first civilian Chief Martial law Administrator in Paikistan?
Ans. Z.A Bhutto

13. Basic Democracy system came in?
Ans. May 1959

14. The flag of Pakistan was designed by?
Ans. Ameer ud Din Qudwai

15. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali is buried in?
Ans. Cambridge(London)

MCQS of General Knowledge

MCQS of General Knowledge

1. Who invented the safety pin?
Ans. Walter Hunt

2. Who was the founder of Mughal Dynasty?
Ans. Babar

3. Silicone Valley is in?
Ans. California USA

4. How many member states in ECO?
Ans. 10

5. When Israel admitted to UNO?
Ans. 1949

6. A place where birds are kept is called?
Ans. Aviary

7. The French revolution began in the year?
Ans. 1789

8. Which is the currency of Haiti?
Ans. Gourde

9. Highest Military award of Iraq is?
Order of all Rafidhain

10. The cape of good hope located in?
Ans. South Africa

11. Proteas is called cricket team of?
Ans. South Africa

12. Largest country is Africa is?
Ans. Algeria

13. Cuba is present in ocean?
Ans. Atlantic

14. Smallest ocean is?
Ans. Arctic

15. Tripoli is capital of?
Ans. Libya

Physiology Solved MCQS Past Papers

Physiology Solved MCQS Past Papers

Cell membrane is composed of proteins and lipids.

Ribosomes have 60% RNA in their structure.

Rigors mortis leads to rigidity of body muscles.

GFR normally decreased by increasing Bowman’s capsule hydrostatic pressure.

ADH increase permeability of distal tubule to creatinine.

Proerythroblast is the first cell that can be identified as belongings to RBC series.

Vitamin K is required by liver for normal formation of Fibrin.

Two antigens type-A and type-B are present on surface of RBC’s.

Decreased oxygen availability to tissues causes local vasodilation.

Cardiac output is equal to stroke volume (SV)heart Rate(HR).

Cretinism is characterized by failure of mental growth.

Preoptic area of hypothalamus is concerned with regulation of body temperature.

Optic disc in retina has no blood vessels.

Sympathetic stimulation causes pupillary dilation.

Intension tremors occur in disease of limbic system.

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