CSS Suggested Books for English Literature Books

  Title Author
1 After Strange Gods Eliot T. S.
2 A Guide to English Literature Ford, B. Pelican series 7 Vols.
3 Common Pursuit Leavis F. R.
4 D. H. Lawrence Leavis F. R.
5 Dickens, the Novelist Leavis F. R.
6 Gulliver and the Gentle Reader Rowson, C.J.
7 George Eliot: The Critical Heritage Carol D. (ed)
8 History of English Literature Legouis and Cazamian
9 History of English Literature Hudson
10 Hardy, The Novelist Cecil, D.
11 Hardy; The Critical Heritage Cox, R.G. (ed)
12 In Memorium in Essay Ancient and Modern Eliot, T.S.
13 Lawrence Kermode, F.
14 Romantic Poetry Abrahams, M.H.
15 Robert Browning Amstrange, J. (ed)
16 Swift Steel, P. Preacher and Jester
17 Shakespeare’s Later Comedies; An anthology of Modern Criticism Palmer, D.J. (ed)
18 The World of Swift Vickers, B. (ed)
19 The Art of Swift Probyn, C.T.
20 The Dark Sun, a study of Lawrence Hough, Graham
21 The Love Ethics of Lawrence Silk, M.
22 The Lonely Tower Studies in the Poetry of Yeats Henna, T.R.
23 The Last Romantics Hough, G.
24 The Wheel of Fire Knight, G. Willson
25 The 19th Century Background Basil Willey
26 The Great Tradition Leavis, F.R
27 The Odes of Keats Holloway, T. Camb
28 Tennyson Ricks, C.
29 Tennyson: The Critical Heritage Jump, J.D.
30 The Poetry of Browning Drew, P.
31 Use of Poetry and Use of Criticism Eliot, T.S.
32 20th Century Views Abrahams, M.H.
33 The Romantics Image Kermode, F.

CSS Books for International Relations

Title Author
1 International Politics K.J. Holsti
2. Politics among Nations Hans Morgenthan
3. World Politics: An Introduction James N. Rosenau
4. An Introduction to International Politics; Power and Justics Theodor Contobius and Thomas Wolfe
5. Contending Theories of International Relations Tames Dougherty
6. Issues in Global Politics Gavin Boyd
7. World Politics since 1945 Peter Caloucorassi
8. International Relations: Peace or War Richard Rosecrance
9. Relations of Nations Frederick Hartman
10. Indian Ocean and the Superpowers: Economic, Political and Strategic Perspectives Rasul Bux Rais
11. Sanctuary and War Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema
12. Contemporary Strategy: Theories and Policies J. Baylis, K. Booth, P. Williams, J. Garnet

CSS Important Books for Law

 Law Title Author
1 Crminal Procedure Code Shaukat Mahmud
2 Law of Torts Choudhry, A. M.
3 Pakistan Panel Code Shaukat Mahmud
4 Qanun-e-Shahadat 1984
5 The Law of Contract Dr. M. A. Mannan
6 The Civil Procedure Code Aamir Raza


Constitutional Law


  Title Author
1 Constitutin of Pakistan Monir, M.
2 Constitutional Development of Pakistan Choudhry, A. G.
3 Governments and Parties in Continental Europe Lowell, A. L.
4 Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution Dicey


Mercantile Law

  Title Author
1 A Hand Book of Company Law Choudhry A. M.
2 A Manual of Mercantile Law Hashmi, I.R. & Latif Ahmed
3 Contract Act Mannan, M. A.
4 Insurance Law Farani
5 Negotiable Instruments Act Khergermvala
6 Sales of Goods and Partnership Acts Pollock and Mulla


International Law


  Title Author
1 Public International Law Brownlie
2 Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Act., 1976  
3 UN Convention on Law of the Sea 1984