NTS Sample Model Papers for the Post of SSE Arts

NTS Sample Model Papers for the Post of SSE Arts



Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option, from the given choices (A to D) below each.
1. We must adjust ourselves ____ the changing circumstances.
A. too
B. to
C. in
D. by
F our options (A to D) follow a related pair of words given in capitals. Select the option that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.
A. vegetarian: plants
B. nocturnal: day
C. arid: desert
D. aquatic: water
Choose the option or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.
A. unsuitable
B. confiscate
C. designate
D. remove
Change the voice of the following. (Active & passive voice)
4. I did not break the fast.
A. The fast has not been broken by me.
B. The fast will not be broken by me.
C. The fast was not broken by me.
D. The fast is not broken by me.
Change the narration of the following (Direct & indirect speech)
5. Ali says, “I have accomplished my mission.”
A. Ali says that I have accomplished my mission.
B. Ali says that he has accomplished his mission.
C. Ali says that he had accomplished his mission.
D. Ali says that I had accomplished my mission.
Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones.
A. decline
B. union
C. conflict
D. accord
Read the passage to ans wer questions 7-8 The recent rapid growth of industry has, in some cases, been so excessive that too much manufacturing capacity has been developed in some fields of production, which forces companies to sell their surplus products in world markets at prices lower than normal. This will make it almost impossible to develop local industries producing the same items because consumers will prefer to buy the cheaper imported product.
7. The word „This‟ refers most closely and directly to:
A. Development of local industries
B. The recent rapid growth of industry
C. Selling products of excessively higher prices
D. Companies manufacturing surplus products
E. Companies selling their production at cheaper prices
8. Which of the following is/are most likely to hamper the development of local industries?
I. Availability of imported product at cheaper rates
II. Consumer‟s tendency to refrain from using imported products
III. Excessive production capacity and low production cost
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I and II only
E. I and III only


9. All of the following are important languages of Pakistan except:
A. Punjabi
B. Hindi
C. Urdu
D. Pashto
10. “Hinduism and Islam are not merely two religions but they are two separate social systems. It would be a dream to think that Hindus and Muslims will form a common nation”. Who said this?
A. Allama Iqbal
B. Muhammad Ali Johar
C. Quaid-e-Azam
D. Ayub Khan
E. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan


11. Quran Majeed kitny arsy mein nazil hua

A. 10 sal

B. 20 Sal

C. 23 Sal

D. 25 Sal

12. Sb cy afzal jehad hai

A. Kufar k khilaf

B. Nafs k khilaf

C. Deen K liy

D. Dost k liy


13. In Windows operating system the ________ is the main screen area that one sees after he turn on a computer and log on to Windows.
A. Taskbar
B. Desktop
C. Icons
D. Wallpaper
14. Which type of website on the internet will assist you in finding specific information you require?
A. News Portal
B. Web Portal
C. Search Engine
D. Forums
15. Which of the following shortcut key is used to check spellings in
Microsoft Word?
A. F1
B. F2
C. F5
D. F7
16. What is the function of Merge in MS Excel?
A. It shows boarder lines of cells
B. It increases the size of a cell
C. It decreases the size of a cell
D. It shows bold values in a cell
E. It joins cells together
17. The Extension of Power Point file is:
A. .doc
B. .ppt
C. .ptp
D. .xls


18. Who has not been a Prime Minister of Pakistan?
A. Liaquat Ali Khan
B. Ayub Khan
C. Benazir Bhutto
D. Nawaz Sharif
19. Continent Africa is also known as:
A. The Fair Continent
B. The Dark Continent
C. The Red Continent
D. All of the above
20. Who is the Chief Minister of Punjab province?
A. Shahbaz Shareef
B. Aslam Raissani
C. Qaim Ali Shah
D. Pervaiz Khatak
21. Which of the following countries hit by Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) in
April 2017?
A. Iraq
B. Syria
C. Afghanistan
D. North Korea


22. is drakht pr bulbul ———basera tha

A. mein





23. Akhbar ka wahid kia hai

A. khabarnama




Answer Keys

1 B
2 D
3 A
4 C
5 B
6 C
7 B
8 E
9 B
10 C
11 B
12 B
13 B
14 C
15 D
16 E
17 B
18 B
19 B
20 A
21 C
22 D
23 B

Online Books MCQs for NTS Test Preparation

Online Books MCQs for NTS Test Preparation

Sir Syed established MAO College in 1875

Nawab Saleemullah Khan died on 12 February 1915.

Hamdard was published by Ali Jauhar.

First Round Table Conference was held in 1930.

Communal Award was published in 1932.

the viceroy of Indian during the 2nd World War was Lord Linlithgow.

Defense Council was formed on 1948.

The author of “Jinnah of Pakistan” is Stanley Walport.

Objectives Resolutions was passed on  12 March 1949.

Liaquat Ali Khan went to America in 1950.

The Simla Agreement was signed on 3rd July 1972.

The Legal Framework Order was issued by Yahya Khan.

Myth of Independence was written by Z. A. Bhutto.

The First Constituent Assembly was dissolved on 24th October 1954.

8th Amendment in the Constitution of 1973 was made in 1985.

  1. I. Chandrigar was the Prime Minister of Pakistan 6th.

Cripps Mission reached India in 1942.

Quaid-e-Azam reached Pakistan on……..August, 1947 .7th.

The First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan consisted of……..members at the time of the creation of Pakistan: 79.

Pakistan became Islamic Republic in 1956.

Nizam-e-Islam Party was founded by  Chaudry Muhammad Ali.

xv. The famous book “ Hayat-e-Javed” was written on the life of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

iii. The first Central Office of Muslim League was established in Lucknow.

iv. All India Muslim Students Federation was founded at  Aligarh.

v. Allama Iqbal get his Ph.D degree from Munich University.

vi. The first Anglo-Sikh war started in 1845.

Rescue 1122 EMT CTWO Rescue Driver NTS Written Test Syllabus MCQs Sample Papers Prepare the Test Online

Rescue 1122 EMT CTWO Rescue Driver NTS Written Test Syllabus MCQs Sample Papers Prepare the Test Online

Rescue 1122 (Recruitment Test)
Test Date: Will Be Announced Soon

Last Date for Application Submission :

Wednesday, 25th October 2017

Sample Papers of Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122

Rescue 1122  (Paper Distribution)

Post  Post Based/subject  English  IQ  G. Knowledge

Emergency Medical Technician 70%  10% 10%  10%

Computer Telephone Wireless Operator 70%  10% 10%  10%

DERT Rescuer (DR) / Fire Rescuer (FR) 70%  10% 10%  10%

Rescue Driver 30% Driving Rules  – –  20% G. Knowledge

Psychometric Test (Quantitative Nature) of 1 Hour shall be taken on the same date of written test. ((Areas including good motivation,

Emotional stability, command, courage or bravery & NOT frauds, cheaters or neurotics)

Test duration shall be 3 Hours—2 hours for MCQ’s and 1 hour for psychometric Test

Test duration shall be 1 Hours(50  MCQ’s Questions) for Rescue Drivers and 1 hour for psychometric Test