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Pak Studies Solved Questions

• Steel Mill is in Bin Qasim
• Old name of Jacobabad is Khangharh.
• Kot Digi Fort is in Khairpur district.
• Peshawar means city of flowers.
• Warsak dam (near Peshawar) is built on Kabul River.
• Tirich Mir mounts of Hindu Kash separate Afghanistan and Tajistan from Pak:
• Islamia College Peshawar was founded in 1914 by Sahibzada Abdul Qayum.
• Quaid Azam Medical College is in Bahawalpur.
• Choukundi toms are located near Karachi.
• Atock Fort was built by Akbar.
• The land b/w Indus & Jehlum river is called Thal Desert or Sindh Sagar Doab.
• Ruins of Harapa found in Sahiwal.
• Lahore Fort was built by Akbar.
• At Toonsa Sharif the borders of three provinces meet.
• With Gilgit & Baltistan the frontiers of three counties meet.
• Tochi pass connects Pak: with China.
• Pak: has 6 international airports.
• Pak: has 27 Radio Stations.
• —- district, —- divisions.
• Pak: railways factory is in Risalpur.
• Chitral is famous for gold.
• Port Qasim is the largest seaport of Pak: smallest is Gawadar
• The chairman of National Economic Council is PM.
• National flower of Pakistan is Jasmine.
• National bird of Pakistan is Chakore.
• National tree of Pakistan is Deodar.
• National animal of Pakistan is Markhor (a type of goat).
• National emblem of Pakistan is Cresent.
• National sport of Pakistan is land Hockey.
• Oldest cantonment of Pak: is Kohat.
• HQ of Pak: Army is at RawalPindi.
• HQ of Airforce is at Chaklala.
• HQ of Navy is at Islamabad.
• Islamabad is 8 miles from Rawalpindi.
• Photograph on the coin of one rupee is Quaid’s photo.
• “ ::two rupee is Badshahi Mosque (chk)
• “ ten rupee note is Khyber Pass.
• “ 5 rupee note is
• “ 50 rupee note is
• “ 100 is Quaid’s Residecy, Ziarat Quetta.
• “ 500 is Badshahi Mosque, Lahore.
• “ 100 is Jehangir’s Tomb.
• “ 5000 is of Faisal Mosque, Islamabad.
• 4.8% of total area of Pak: is forests (standard is 25%)
• Hub dam and Thadho Dam are in Malir Karachi near Gadap Town.
• Map of Shah Faisal Mosque was made by Wahdat Diloky of Turkey.
• Largest radio station of Pak: is Islamabad.
• Tarbela dam is in Abot Abad.
• Raeewind is in Kasur.
• Baitul Maal established in 1992.
• General sales tax, under the constitution 1973 is a Federal subject.
• Pak: national flag was adopted on 11 August, 1947
• Jasmine adopted on July 5, 1961.
• National drink is Cane Juice.
• Railway stations in Pak: = 965.
• Rabi crops are grown b/w months of Oct-March.
• Under Indus Water Basin Treaty Pak: got Jehlum, Chenab & Indus. India got Ravi, Sutlaj.
• Chenab and Jehlum flow from Kashmir.
• Tirchmir is the highest peak of Hindukash.
• A bicameral legislature was proposed for the first time in 1973 constitution.
• Length of Pak-India border is 1,610 km.
• Length of Pak-Iran border is 805 km.
• Length of Pak-China border is 595 km.
• Length of Pak-Afghan border is 2052 km or 1300 miles.
• 5 rivers flow in Punjab Ravi, Sutlaj, Chenab, Indus & Beas.
• Warsak dam is on Kabul River.
• Rawal Dam is on Kurrang River.
• Khanpur dam is on Haro River.
• Tanda dam is in Baluchistan.
• Tarbela deam was completed in 1969.
• Length of Indus is 2900 km.
• Source of Indus is Mansoorowar Lake in Gilgit.
• Muztag pass connects Gilgit-Yarkand (China).
• Khankum Pass connects Chitral-Wakhan (Afghanistan)
• The Shandur Pass connects Chitral and Gilgit.
• Khyber Pass connects Peshawar-Kabul
• Kulk pass connects Gilgit-China.
• Bolan pass connects Queta-Afghanistan.
• Tochi pass connects Pak:-China.
• Length of Silk Rourte (Korakorum Route) is 965 km.
• Geneva Pact was signed on 14th April, 1988.
• Simpla Pact was singed on 3rd July, 1972.
• Numb: of words in anthem=50.
• Numb: of lines in anthem=15.
• Numb: of ammendements made 17.
• Numb: of troops in a division are 12000 to 20,000.
• Numb: of troops in brigade is 4000 to 5000.
• Barrages built on Indus = 8.
• Tarbela dam is in NWFP (Abotabad) on Indus river.(Largest)
• Mangla dam is in AJK on Jehlum River(Highest)
• Warsak dam is in NWFP near Peshawar on Kabul river.
• Direct dialing system was introduced b/w Lahore and Rawalpindi for first time in 1964.
• Rivers of Pakistan—– Punjab== Ravi+Chanab+Sutlaj.
• :::: Sindh ===Indus, Hub.
• NWFP==Kabul, Sawat, Zhob.
• Baluchistan==Bolan.
• Baluchistan is 43% of total Pak:.
• Geographical divisions of Pak: are 1.Northern Mountains, 2. Western off-shoots of Himalayas, 3. Baluchistan Plateau, 4. Potohar Plateau & Salt range, 5. Lower Indus Plain, 6. Thar desert.
• Pak: has 3 stock exchanges (confirm it).
• Broad Peak I is on Karokarum range.
• Colonel Sher Khan belonged to Sindh Regement.
• Kot Diji is a fort in Khairpur.
• Ancient mosque of Pak: is at Bhambhor.
• Time taken to sing National Anthem is 1 minute, 20 sec.
• Instruments used are 38.
• Texila is in Punjab and NWFP.
• Rashid Minhas martyred in August 1971.
• Mangla dam is on river Jehlum.
• Old name of Supreme Court is Federal Court.
• 10 persons have received Nishan-e-Hyder.
• Kharif (Summer Season) crops include—Cotton, rice, sugar cane, maize, Jaur and Bajra.
• Rabi (Winter OCT-March) crops are wheat, gram, barley and tobacco.
• Jhat Pat is the old name of Dera Allah Yar.
• There are 7 rivers in Baluchistan.

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