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Motor Vehicle Cars Token Tax New Rates in Punjab

MOTOR CAR  w.e.f. 01.07.2016-2017


جو لوگ انکم ٹیکس دیتے ہیں اور انکو این ٹی این نمبر الاٹ ہوتا ہے۔ انکو کافی رعایت دی جاتی ہے

Filler Means jo log income tax dety hn ur (

Non Filler Means jo log income tax ni dety.

Friends ap asani k sath apni car ka tax calculate kr skty hn apni car k Engine CC k mutabik is trah calculate kren

Token Tax+Income Tax( Filler or Non Filler )+Professional Tax

Jin friends ki Vehicle ki date of registration ko 10 year ho gy wo sirf token tax ka 75% den gy un pr income tax ur P.Tax ni ho ga.

Agr ap 1 july cy 31 july tk tax jama kraen gy to apko token tax pr 10% discount mily gi.

1 Sep k bad jma krany pr Jurmana hr mah lgta rhy ga

یاد رکھیں جو ہم سالانہ ٹوکن ٹیکس جمع کراتے ہیں اس میں تین ٹکیسز شامل ہوتے ہیں
1۔ٹوکن ٹیکس
2۔انکم ٹیکس
3۔پروفیشنل ٹیکس


Engine Capacity Token Tax MVT
Local Vehicles
Income Tax Professional Tax
for Filer

(انکم ٹیکس (دینے والے

for Non-Filer

(انکم ٹیکس نہ (دینے والے

Up to 1000 CC 10,000 * 10,000 10,000 200
1001 to 1199 CC 1800 1500 4000 200
1200 to 1299 CC 1800 1750 5000 200
1300 CC 1800 2500 7500 200
1301 to 1499 CC 6000 2500 7500 200
1500 CC 6000 3750 12000 200
1501 to 1599 CC 9000 3750 12000 200
1600 to 1999 CC 9000 4500 15000 200
2000 CC 9000 10000 30000 200
2001-2500 CC 12000 10000 30000 200
Above 2500 CC 15000 10000 30000 200

کار موٹر سائیکل وغیرہ کی رجسٹریشن کرانے کے لئے جن کاغذات کی ضرورت ہوتی ہے
ان کی تفصیل کے لئے یہ پیج وزٹ کریں

( Documents required for Motor Vehicle Cars Bikes Registration New and Post Registration Transaction )

194 Responses to “Motor Vehicle Cars Token Tax New Rates in Punjab”

  • nauman:

    I have 2000 model 1590 cc balene lahore registered car… Should I have to pay the same amount 9,000 token fee?

    • admin:

      Nauman car ki registration ko jb 10 year ho jaen to income tax ur professional tax khtm ho jata hai jbkeh token tax 25% maf hota hai

      • adeel:

        Meri civic 1496 cc hai. Aur uski purchase date june 2005 aur registration july 2005 ki hai.. kya yh gari 10 saal purani me considr ho gi??? means is pe token tax k elawa koi aur tax tou nai ho ga?

        • admin:

          Adeel july m ap ki registration ko 10 sal ho jaen gy ab ap sirf 75% token tax pay krna agr GPO waly na kren to phly Excise office cy forward kra lena

  • Shaukatali:

    Do one gets discount on payment of token tax of a car if it is paid by 30th July 2015

    • admin:

      Shaukatali 10 % discount hoti hai 31 july cy phly jma krany pr
      laken yh yad rkehn ab 1000 cc tk life time token tax ho gia ha
      which is 10000

  • M.Mushtaq:

    What is filler or non filler

  • Usama:

    Aoa, sir if i have 1600cc car and i paid token tax till june 2013.. so what is the amount on words..
    and can i have a calculation procedure. thanks

    • admin:

      Usama Chart mein dakh k khud calculate kr len ur ap ny jin years ka jma ni krya un pr 50 to 100 percent only token tax pr jurmana bhi sath ho ga

  • sir main 6750 rs token adda kiya tha 1700 cc car ka pichley saal aur meri gari 1993 ki registered hey jo key token ka 75% banta hey aur ap ney 25% kaha hey jo 2250 banta hey ab mujey kitni raqam adda karna ho gi

    • admin:

      Meeen Javed Bhai ap ny token tax theek jma krya hai 10 years Registration ko ho jaen to 25% maf hota hai ur 75% jma krana hota hai baki income tax ur professional tax bhi ni hota,,,

  • salman:

    I have SWIFT 1328 cc Model 2012. So I have to Pay 6000+3000+200=9320 Rs Right?
    And what is the last date of Submission Token Tax?

    • admin:

      Salman—-Token Tax 1 to 31 july tk jma kra den to 10% token pr rebate mtlb discount milti hai
      30 sep k bad jurmana shro ho jata hai

  • Khurram:

    What will be the tax on a 1500CC car registered in 1996.

    • admin:

      Khuram—-1996 model pr income tax ur professional tax ni ho ga sirf token tax hoga annual
      jo 6000 hai is pr 25% maf ho ga apko 4500 annuly jma krany hun gy agr 31 july cy phly kraen gy to 10% mazid discount mil skti hai

  • Ahsan:

    1986 model ki car jo kay 1298cc hai per 25% milaga aur life time token lagay ga kia?

    • admin:

      Ahsan—–life time 1000 cc tk baki pr table m diy gy hisab cy tax ho ga mgr apki car ki registration ko agr 10 sal ho gy hn to apko sirf token tax 75% dena hoga baki koi tax ni ho ga

  • Asghar Ali:

    My Liana car model 2006 plz tell me my token amount if i pay before 13th July,2015.

  • tanveer khan:

    Meri gaadi 1501cc h us ko 10 sall ho gai h ab us ka token TeX kitna ho ga

  • Faaz Ahmed:

    i have honda city 2000 model 1300… so what will be the tax of car… kindlyy tell……..

  • Ameen:

    Dear Admin,
    Tax is deducted from the salary of salaried class, can a Government Employee get the exemption from extra charges of income tax by producing hard copy Income Tax Return prepared at Depart level alongwith copy of NTN card. Or E tax return is mandatory for such exemption. Regards

  • Haider:

    Sir, although I have 1590CC Car registered 2001 Punjab,Lahore. But GPO is still Charging Rs.6000/- for token Plus 754/- .. Please confirm if this is OK.

  • Jahanzeb:

    Dear Admin,
    I have a lancer 2005 model, but registered in 2007. For token tax calculation which year will be considered as base year. Do I need to pay only 75% of token tax considering from 2005 or need to pay full token tax considering from 2007?

  • Asghar Ali:

    Dear Admin,
    I have Liana Car model 2006 1306cc Engine please tell me my token amount i am tax payee too if i pay my token before 30th july,2015.

  • Rashid Ali:

    Dear Admin I own honda city 1300cc registered in 2012. How much token tax I will have to pay if I am a filer and how much if i am not a filer. Please also let me know the last date by which I must pay the token tax without any fine.

    • admin:

      Rashid Ali—1300 cc ka yh bnta hai for non filler
      for filler

      agr ap 31 july cy phly jma kraen gy to 10% token pr discount mily gi

  • abdullah:

    1490cc toyota prius reg 2010
    1496cc toyota crolla..reg 2003 plx mujy bta den kitni amount krwani hy..??? or 30 se phly krwain to dis ho ga??

  • muhammad imran:

    i have mehran car model 2005 token paid upto 2011 tell me my token amount to pay for lifetime

  • Rashid:

    i have car xli 2006, 1299cc so what will be the total tax including professional tax, token tax and income tax???
    kindly guide me

  • Asghar Ali:

    Dear Admin,
    I have Liana Car model 2006 1306cc Engine please tell me my token amount i am tax payee too if i pay my token before 30th july,2015.

  • kazim:

    Dear Sir,

    hamary post office waly kehty hain k filer rate nahi lagy ga chahy aap filer he q na hoon aap i/t waloon sy refund karwain. kia yah baat durust hay?
    agar yeh baat ghalat hay to kahan complaint ki gay



    • admin:

      Kazim shb—-Post office paband hai agr ap filler hn ur NTN apko alloted hai to apko income tax half lgy ga,ap kisi officer cy bat kr len post office k

  • Rana Mohammad Yamin:

    Toyota corolla 1598 cc, model 2013. Token paid up to 30th june 2015. Let me know the token amount of non foler as per new rates.

  • shabbier Hassan:

    aoa. agar main filler hon to mujhey Token lagwanay k kiye kya documents sath lay k jana parien gay jis say mujhey income tax main as a fille relief mil jaye.

  • malik ali:

    I have coure 2000 model.token paid upto 2013, lahore registeration.
    What will be token tax amount?life time token will be issued?
    what is transfer fee now a days?procedure also, what i can do as i have recently changed the engine of my car.

  • bilal:

    i have toyata surf 1997 model 3000 cc 2005 import and 2008 regitered

    how much total amount would i have to pay

    kindly reply


    i am a filer

  • sumair hasan:

    Sir I m having honda civic 1800 cc, model 2007,lahore registered.and I want to deposit token fees fr this year.
    What wl be the total amout?
    And secondly I someone that gove decreased the token fees this year,Is it true?plz guide me in this regard.
    Thanks in anticipation..


    I have nissan sunny 1997 model 1973cc engine. What is total token charges for my car. Please guide me thanks. As i go to post office they say 7500 rupee. Lahore registration.

  • zahid khan:

    sir meray pass 2004 model gari hy 1800cc LAST year main nay uss ka 21200 pay kia tha ab ussy 10 year ho gy hain ab usss ka kitnay ka token lagay ga

  • Zakir:

    dear Admin,

    i have toyota prius registered dated 01-01-2014. Token tax paid upto 30-06-2014. whther i have to pay one year or two year token tax? and what will be the amount of token tax for filer.

  • Rana Mohsin Ali:

    Dear Admin,

    I have Mitsubishi Galant (1987 Model) , 1600CC. I am a tax filer. Can You Please guide me what is the total amount of tax , I need to pay this time?

    And what are the documents I need to submit to claim tax relief?

    Thanks & Regards

  • Khurram:

    Dear Admin,

    I have Honda Civic Exi, Lahore registered.
    Date of purchase: 29/06/2004
    Date of registration: 20/09/2004

    I pay its token at GPO Rawalpindi. Last year in July, I went there to pay token for 2014-15. I ask GPO staff to consider the car in 10-years old category but they refused and said that its date of registration should be before 01-July-2004 to become 10-years old. Is it correct? If not, how can I convince them?

    I did not pay the token last year. Now, I want to pay last year’s token and also current year’s token. What would be total payable?


    • admin:

      Khuram sh—- tax 1july cy 30 june tk count hota hai ab is sal ap 10 years m aty hn so apko last year k mukaml ur is sal ka sirf 75% token dena ho ga income tax ur professional ni ho ga…..uper table cy calculate kr len non filler column cy……
      last year pr 100% jurmana bhi lgy ga only on token tax amount

  • admin:

    Friends A.A
    From this year 1-7-2015 Punjab Govt ny Income Tax m kuch kami beshi ki so new table update kr di hai….

    • malik ali:

      I have coure 2000 model.token paid upto 2013, lahore registeration.
      What will be token tax amount?life time token will be issued?
      what is transfer fee now a days?procedure also, what i can do as i have recently changed the engine of my car.

  • Rana Mohsin Ali:

    Dear Admin,

    I have Mitsubishi Galant (1987 Model) , 1600CC.

    The Year of Registration is 1997.

    I am a tax filer. Can You Please guide me what is the total amount of tax , I need to pay this time?

    And what are the documents I need to submit to claim tax relief?

    Thanks & Regards

    • Rana Mohsin Ali:

      Last year also I paid around 6000 Rs. I reuquested the person there in GPO lahore about considering my car old but he refused and said this is the real amount to be paid.

      Please guide me how much is the amount due?

  • Mohammad Yaseen:

    my car corolla xli register at 07 may 2015 i am filler tell me token amount plz.



  • shahid malik:

    plz tell me

    kiya token ki amount 5 saal ke baad half reh jati hai

    if yes then plz tell me the refrence


    • admin:

      Shahid Malik—-Registrtion date k 10 sal bad Income tax ur Proessional tax khtm ho jata jbkeh token 75% dena hota ha

  • raza:

    I have 2007 model liana 1300cc, registered on my father’s name n he is expired now but he was a filler n having ntn number as well.
    Please advise what will be the tax now, as converted department need their return of tax for current year if I proceed with their ntn number.

    • admin:

      Dear Raza…..Ap us k NTN number cy claim ni kr skty….best yh hai ap registration bhi apny nam krwa len

      • Raza:

        Thanks for ur concern… Please confirm k agar main 31st july say pehlay previous registration per he tax submit karvata hun to kia mujhay 10% discount milay ga?
        According to my calculationi have to pay
        13100-1310(10%)= 11790
        Plz confirm if i am right.
        Much thanks

  • haseeb:

    i have cuore 2010 model what is token fee

  • tayyab:

    if my car is registered in september 2005 and that is 1799cc then how much i have to pay token tax for the year of 2015-16 please guide

    • admin:

      Tayyab Sahib—Ap ki car next year cy 10 Sal category m ay gi,abhi wohi taxes hun gy jo phly dy rhy hn….next year ap sirf token ka 75% ada kren income tax ur profession ni ho ga

      • tayyab:

        Lekin sir aisa possible ni hei k jo 3 months rehte hein gari to 10 years hine mein uski fees he lagay baqi include na ho
        I mean 3 months ki zyada lag jaye ir baqi minths ki kam lag jaye

      • tayyab:

        Lekin sir aisa possible ni hei k jo 3 months rehte hein gari to 10 years hine mein uski fees he lagay baqi include na ho
        I mean 3 months ki zyada lag jaye or baqi months ki kam lag jaye

        Ni to phir mujhe 23300 jmma krwane paralein gey ?

  • Mazhar Iqbal Shahid:

    Sir, I have City 1998 model 1300cc Faisalabad No, but I transfer at my name and computerised book issue I am in Lahore. I go Faisalabad for paid token tax ? or I can paid in Lahore? and How much token tax I paid

  • Yasir:

    Sir, I have 2010 model GLI car, want to pay token , kindly advise me that which type of tax i have to pay too, only 5 year from first registration. Garri abi name par transfer nahe ki hai aur paley wala malik filer hai. Thanks

  • Abid mahmood:

    Can i pay token of my car (lahore regd) at eto rawalpindi
    Previous year token paid at eto lahore
    Car is honda city 2005 model
    Kindly exact amount of token please?

  • Mobin Ahmad:

    I have Corolla 2.0 D (1975 cc)
    Its Purchase Date was 27-DEC-2005
    and Registration Date 05-MAR-2007
    when it will be considered as 10 year old and become
    tax free.

    Please reply

    Mobin Ahmad

  • asad:

    i have a shezore 2600cc model 6 i want token tax tex price gujrat token tax plz reply me …


    Mere pas Honda Civic 2003 1600cc car hai es k token kitne k lagen gy ? 10year purani ho gei hai ab

  • Shahzad:

    10 year ho gye hen i know but ap bta den k es sal meri gari k token kitne k lagen gy?
    2003 registered

  • Mohsin:

    I have swift 1328 cc islamabad number, is there a difference for the token amount pf a car that is islamabad registered secondly i am a non filer but the car is on the name of the company and it is a filer so wjat would be its tax amount as per mu calculation the company has been paying an amount of 3400 as token and it had paid for the lasy three years can you tell me what would my token amount be.

    • admin:

      Mohsin——Yes Islamabad token tax rates are less than punjab,,so for more confirmation contact excise islamabad

  • My sabir:

    I have pajero intercooler model 1994 7 seater. I file income tax from my salary in Azad kashmir and have ntn .registration year is 2009 .what tax I have to pay. Thank you. Prof M Sabir

    • admin:

      Prof.M Sabir Sahib engine kitny cc hai

      • My sabir:

        My pajero jeep is model 1994 and engine capacity is 2800- 3000 cc. Registered in Lahore in 2009. I did not paid token tax for 2014 also .so I need exact amount for two years – 2014 and 2015 that I need to deposit .

        Can I deposit in any GPO . Or particularly in Lahore . I am govt. Employee and have NTN .THANK YOU .

  • Shahzad Anjum:

    I only want to ask about the reference of law regarding exemption of income tax, professional tax and 25% token tax on 10 years old cars having engine capacity of more than 1000 cc

  • shahbaz:

    Isuzu npr 2005 m 4400cc ka tokan kitna hai

  • Syed:

    Dear Friend,

    I reside in KSA and visit Pakistan only for 30-45 days during a fiscal year. Here in Pakistan I own a Honda Civic 2008 model. Do I need to pay all three components of Token amount i.e Token Fee, Income Tax and Professional Fee? Pls advise on what to be paid and how the case to be presented before excise dept. Thanks.

    • admin:

      Syed—-Yesy abhi apki registration ko 10 sal ni huy ap 3nu taxes jma kraen gy

      • Syed:

        Thank for reply. iss case ma muje filer samjha jaye ga ya non filer. tax ke mutabiq agar I am not resident then why I should pay the rate that applies to non filer.

  • abdul wahab:

    I hv 4 nos potohar jeeps model 2004 and2005 want to life time tokan what is rates

  • Khalil Satti:

    Aoa admin. I have lancer 96.ab mujy sirf 100 ka 75% jama karwana paray ga. Aur na imcome tax ur na he proffssional tax right?

  • Syed Naqi:

    Aoa. Sir mere pas GLI 2006 model ha aur ye Lahore ki registered ha. mein distt Jhelum ma rehta hon kya ma token tax apne distt ma pay kr skta hon ya phr Lahore Gpo mein he pay ho ga?

  • Zulfiqar:

    Assalam-o-alaikum…! Dear Sir..mere pas Daewoo Racer hai 1993 Model ki..Lahore Registration hai..Pehle Islamabad se token lg jate but ab nahi.wahan 2250 token tha,2 sal se nae howe token.ab penalty k sath kitna token tax hoga is saal. plz help me.

  • Shahzad:

    Dear Sir Meri Gari Honda 2006 Model Hai Jabkah Meri Salary Itni Hai k us Par Incomtax Lago Nahi Hota Aur Na Hi meri aur Amdan Hai Kya Mujhey Tokan Tax k sath Incomtax Bhe Dena Pary Ga Aur Kyun

  • hamid:

    meri gari 1490 cc hai or registration 1-8-2013 ki hai koi bta skta hai k meri gari ka tokan tax kitna ho ga

  • My sabir:

    I am waiting your response

  • hajiramzan:

    meri Ravi pickup nikli thi Punjab bank sa saceme main.ous ka number sarghodha ka ha .ous ka token tax katna our kahan ada karna pary ga .pls rahnomai kar dain

  • Faisal:

    agar main filler hoon lakin gari mery naam pa nai to kia mjy filler wala tax pay karna ho ga ya nonfiller,
    secondly incase gari meri return main b show ho rhe ha in assets under other name ownership, phr kia ho ga kindly update.

  • Syed Sajjad Haider:

    Hello Admin, first I would like to appreciate the way you are responding in detail to each and every query. Really a Superb Job by you!!

    Further I have a query.

    I have alto 1000 cc registered in 2007. My tokens were paid up to 2011. However I couldn’t get them renewed afterwards. Now what amount do I have to pay to update my tokens till 2016 ??

    Or what amount would it be for life time including the pending tokens +penalties from 2011 ??

    • admin:

      Syed Sajjad Haider Shb——1000 cc tk life time token tax hai jo keh 10000 hai is k elawa 10000 income tax bhi hai ur 1000 professional tax……2007 cy jitna ap token,,income,profession jma kra chuky hun gy usko jma kia jay ga jitna 22200 cy km ho ga , wo ap jma kraein gy ….so contact excise office

  • Aftab:

    My mitsubishi pajero is 2446 cc. Last year I paid Rs.13125 MVT for 2014-15.
    How much I have to pay. Last year access amount will be adjusted this year?

  • adnan ahmad:

    I have car registration lahore can I pay token tax in islamabad

    • Riaz Khan:

      merycar Honda city 2004 model aur 1300 cc hay.Lahore registered mein token tax rwp men jama kar sakta hone

  • Sajid Ch:

    Plz tell me the charges of transfer the car on my name. I want to transfer xli 1299cc on my name.thanks

  • umar habib:

    Sir maray pass honda Accord CL-9 2400 cc ha wo maray name per transfer nahi mera NTN BENA HA LAKIN KOI RETURN JAMA NAHI HUI KIYA MAI USS KA TOKEN NON FILER SAY JAMA KARON GA YA NTN say AS a Filler phaly transfer karon phir token don. Please advise

  • ummar:

    Dear Admin,

    I have following car specification :
    2 oD saloon, 2005 model registered in 2005 as well. it means 10 years done ? and i will have not to pay any taxes? i went to post office and they told me 16300 you will have to pay, i belong to AJK. please update. thanks

  • Qaiser:

    Hello Admin. I am a govt employee and I have Gujranwala registered vehicle. I paid its taxes in Islamabad. But I just came to know that a new notification is issued regarding payment of token taxes in their original registered city I.e Lahore registered vehicles can only pay token in lhr and similar Is case with Gujranwala. Is it true??

    • admin:

      Qaiser Shb Islamabad is a capital area his not part of Punjab….you can pay token tax of any punjab districts registered car anywhere in punjab while islamabad registered token tax should paid in only islamabad.

  • SAiFY:

    sir main ne rickshaw liya tha 2012 modle.
    uski registeration b 2012 main e ho gyi thi.
    main ne ic k bhad us k tokken aur passing krwaye thy jo 06-2014 tak k thy…..
    ab kya muje tokken aur passing again krwani pary gi ya sify tokken e krwane hun gy???
    aur payment b bta dain 2015 k end tk…..(waiting for ur kind reply)

  • Waqas:

    Salam i have a car mitsubishi lancer 2005 model registration date is 24-12-2005 an token paid upto 30-06-2014 my question is i have ntn number and car is on my name should i fall in filer catagory or non filer catagory and what is the total amount i have to pay for token tax upto 30-06-2016
    Its 1584cc car as mention in registration book and papers

  • Shahid Mehmood:

    Dear Admin,

    I want to know about transfer of ownership of vehicle. I have purchased 1000 CC Alto 2010 Model, Registered in 2011. Income Tax and token tax had already been paid. Now i want to transfer it on my own name, will i again pay income tax & token tax? plz advise as per law.

  • Ansar:

    sir I have paid token tax upto 2014 june. what will be the tax for this year for xli 1299 cc. I am a government employee in airforce and dont have a NTN number. because my sellery is non taxable. I have kept the vehicle for personal use. what will be the token tax for me. previously I have paid 3700 rupees for the same vehicle per year.

  • Rizwan:

    dear admin

    What is the transfer fee for cultus 1000 cc lahore number

  • Mani:

    Punjab province mai agar Sindh number ki car chalai jai aur car ka token Sindh Gov. ko pay na kia jai to kya Punjab Excise walay nakay par gari rok k token say related sawal kar saktay hain kya ? 😉

    • admin:

      Sindh Registered k Sindh m jama kraen bcz jb transfer krany jaen gy to wo inko taslem ni kren gy…punjab m jma kr lety hn laken malik ko is ka loss ha

  • shehzad wahid:

    aslam mualikum sir .
    i ve send docoments to lahore office and they clear my docoments and also paid life time token for 1296 cc crolla .
    but the people says only 1000cc capacity cars life time token is acceptble . so what is the current status

  • adnan:

    Main nay new xli le hai is ke lahor registration ka kya treka ho ga totl kitna kharcha ho ga?plz

  • Adnan Khalid:

    Asalamelikum. I just purchase Hilux tiger (thiland imported) 3000 cc 2002 registered more than 10 years old. i am confused how much i have to pay the withholding tax & token tax. and do u know how much i have to pay for transfer of ownership. help in this regard would highly appreciated. Regards

  • iqbal:

    1985 mercedes benz 2300 cc july 2014 say token short hayn….agar july 2016 tak valid karwana ho tu kia aao estimate bata saktay hayn?lahore registered,, thanks…..

  • M. Saeed:

    Sir, I have a TOYOTA Prius, 1797 cc, model 2011 imported in April, 2014. Token paid till June 15.i am tax filer.
    1- Pls advise Motor Vehicle Tax, P.Tax and I.Tax for 2016
    2- I am told the Vehicle Tax for local car Rs 9,000 and imported-reconditioned Rs 20,000. Is there difference in tax for local assembled and imported-reconditioned car?
    Thanks and Regards

  • M Ayaz Khan:

    I have mercedes 2002 model, 2151 cc and registered on09.09.2006, last token paid up to june 2012. What I have to pay to clear the dues and update the token.

  • umer:

    Salaam, sir mare gari 27, 9, 2005 ko reg hoi ha, 1600 cc ha, 2015 tak token clear ha, 2016 tak ka token kitna lagay ga pls bata den.

  • Khurram Khalid:


    what is the jurmana per month if token tax is not paid in time???

  • ahmad butt:

    i have baleno 2002 model ..which is more then 10 years of registration .. what is the amount of token tax which i will be paid in june ???

  • M.A.Subhani:

    Salam. Dear Admin,
    I have purchased Corolla 1988 regd in 1992 with one 2015-16 token missing. How much will be fine for late token payment…? And how much will be cost for transfer of ownership. The vehicle 1300 CC petrol engine at start. Now engine changed in vehicle and documents 1500 CC.

  • Riaz Mahmood:

    I have Suzuki Mahran VXR 2007 year model, I am in overseas since 2009. Last token paid in 2009. How much cost me to get Life time token including all outstanding fee. Thanks.

  • Nasarullah:

    Dear Admin kindly tell yearly tax amount for my Suzuki Mehran model 2012 for 2016.

  • Zain Sohail:

    Land rover
    Model. 1980
    Engine 2800cc
    Number. Peshawar
    Bhai is geep ke token 2009 tak clear hai bhai is ka token kitna ha or jurmana kitna hai

  • syed asad ali shah:

    Mayray pass surf hilux 2400 cc 1993 model hia jis ke token tax 30-6-12 tk hia or ab may is ko 30-6-2016 tk karna chahta ho is par tootal kitna kharcha ayaya ga

  • Taimoor:

    Bhai i have 2010 modal xli 1299cc 30 6 2013 tak token clear hy 3 token short hy islmabad number hy car ka kindly total khrcha bata deayn

  • Muhammad asad:

    Salam sir !
    Sir computerized nunber plate chaya ha is k kia procudure ha???
    Mari gari ki menual numm plate ha 2008 modl ha

  • Khurram shakeeb:

    Salam sir i main ne suzuki cultus 2013 model purchse ke hai.73000 KM milage hai just mujhe es ke mere naam pe transfer karne ke fee aur kya documents required hon ge pata karna tha
    Bhohat nawazish ho ge

  • Imran Aziz Rajorvi:

    good job admin … Your replies are very helpful … i got everything without any question.

  • Khurram:

    Sindh number ke gari ka token tax Punjab main jama karwa sakta hun….?

  • Khurram:

    Sir main police nilami main se agar 2004 modal 2000cc gari leyta hun aor uski registration 2016 ke ho go to mujhay har saal kitna Tex deyna paray ga…?

    • Anwar ul qudoos:

      Sir mere pass carry daba ha 2007 ICT Islamabad number Es k life time token Ho sakty han
      Reply plz

  • Hamid yaseen:

    sir Aslam o alaikum sir meri car 1300cc ha aur 2015 model ha registered 2016 ki ha Toyota corolla gli mujy kitna token tax pay karna pary ga

  • Aziz:

    salam sir. what would be the amount to be paid annually for 1.8cc corolla 2009 and 2010 model islamabad reg… kindly inform , thanks..

  • Muhammad Ayaz:

    Mere paas XLI Toyta corolla model 2006 engine capacity 1299cc hai es saal main kitna token fees adaa karonga koi token abi tak short nahi hai gushta year tak sub adaa kar chukka hon.awar main ye lahore ke alawa Kahain awar pay karsakta hon.please reply karain my contact number is 03339505913

  • umar:

    Suzuki wagon R vxl1000cc ha is ki registration fee jitni ha.

  • fahad:

    AOA Admin:
    For the first time ever I actually understood how the token tax is calculated. Thank you.

    I have a Rawalpindi registered car. I work in Taxila and my home town is Sialkot. Please advise if I can pay tax in any city of Punjab and in any post office? There are no stamps on the book only printed stickers therefore there is no information on how previous owners paid taxes. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • admin:

      Dear Fahad A.A
      Punjab k kici district ki registered vehicle ka token tax ap punjab k kici district m kr skty hn….tax excise office m jma kraen ur un cy computer slip len….

  • Hussain:

    Dear Friends !

    Plz anyone can tell where to go and pay the annual token for the car in Lahore ? Do I have to go to Excise & Taxation office near mall road or there is some other way to pay also ?
    I have Honda Civic VTI Oreal 2012 model.


  • Umair:

    Meray pass civic reborn 2007 model 1800 cc hai main ne year 2013 tuk token barra hai abh mukhye 2016 tuk k token barna hai please batahein mujhye kitne amount jama karwane hai

  • m yasin:

    sir 2016 mein b yhi rate hain ya change ho gay hain

  • Azhar Nazir:

    Mayry pass civic 2005 model 1600cc car hay is saal us ka kitnay may token lagy gaaa.
    Plz guide me

  • Syed Muhammad Usama:

    Dear Admin

    I had purchased Islamabad Number (ICT) Mehran car from Islambad. I am living in Lahore. Can I pay my MVT in Lahore? What is the procedure? Kindly explain in detail as it is quite difficult to me that I go to Islamabad, just to pay MVT.
    Thanks & Regards

  • bakhttawar:

    & I wanna s0me inf0rmati0n ab0ut life time t0ken 2000cc sealon 2004

  • Faisal:

    Dear sir,
    I have Toyota Corolla 86 Model but token not pay in 2016 year kindly tell me how can much pay token with fine amount.


  • Zain sohail:

    Aslam o alikum
    2od saloon
    Model 2007
    Cc. 1975
    Kitna token ho ga

  • Mir Mubashir:

    Sir, I went to Islamabad post office today for the payment of token tax as per previous practice of my vehicle 1300 cc registered in Rawalpindi but the post office person refuses to collect the same and advised to deposit in Punjab and pay lifetime token there. I was surprise to hear that as I regularly pay my tax in the same post office from last many years and have the knowledge oflife time token is for vehicles up-to 1000 cc and not over it. Sir Kindly guide and update me

  • ad shah:

    New rates of wef 1-7-2016 se kia haun in punjab all cars nd commercial vehicles plz tell me if u know.

  • M TARIQ:

    I have Liana car model 2008 how much amount of token
    Paid for 2016/17

  • Ansar:

    Kya Islamabad number car k token Lahore ma jama karwaya ja sakta hy ya Mujhay Islamabad hi jana ho ga

  • sheraz mumtaz:

    i have kia sportage modle 2002 and registration 2005 engine 1995cc disel non luxury van to mujhe is ka kitna token pay karna paray ga lahore registered ha

  • Mohammad Ashiq:

    Dear admin sahib

    i have 2 D model 2005 Registration 09/03/2006 Engine

    capicity is all token are paid till than

    30/06/ much token will be of this car July 2016 to June 2017.plz inform me i will be greatfull for you.

  • Nabeel Riaz:

    Dear sir I Am Nabeel sir we purchased our car 1299 cc xli in 2012. But until 2017 ham ny token nahi Jana karwaya. Car ki registration Papa k nam hai or unka NTN nahi hai.magar Mera NTN hai unka beta eska koi benefit milay ga? Or agar han/nahi to ab tak total kitne amount jama karwani hai

    • admin:

      Dear Nabil registration ur ntn same owner ka lazmi ha
      Late pr sirf token tax ki amount ka 100% jurmana ho ga mzid apny nazdiki excise Office Cy rabta kren

      • Javed:

        Xli 2007 model token piad till 30 june 2017 what will be tax for next year amount ?

      • Asim Latif:

        Dear admin,
        Asalamu alaikum !
        I have 2000 CC 2.O.D Registered feb 2007. 10 Years have been completed ,now how much token tax i will pay ? ? My current token is valid upto 30 june 2017. If i submit my token fee before 30 june may i could get any special discount ? ? How much will be my tax amount for year 17-18 after all exemptions??

        • admin:

          Dear Asim Latif Plz see Chart above
          Agr registration ko 10 sal ho gy hn to apko income tax ur profession tax ni dena pary ga sir token tax amount ka 75% dena ho ga, further contact ur excise taxation office

  • Asim:

    I’ve 2001 Honda City 1300CC. I used to pay Rs.1200 for token tax.
    Kindly confirm how much do I have to pay for 2017-2018.
    Note. I’m non filer

  • Khalid:

    I’ve 2008 Prado 2982. I used to pay Rs.2770 for token tax.
    Kindly confirm how much do I have to pay for 2017-2018.
    Note. I’m filer

    • Asif:

      Admin sir
      AoA sir meri car 1000 cc Santro
      2004 register ha token June 2011 take pay ha mujy kitna token pay karna hoga

  • Khawar ashraf:

    Can I psy life time token of my Faw xpv 2014.

  • aamir:

    Dear Admin

    mary pass altis 2009 model ha us ka katna tokan pay karna pary ga filer ha pleas reply me

  • Dr M. Iqbal Mustafa:

    I have prius car 1.8 Model 2012, rigistered 2016

    Iam filler. How much token tax I have to pay for 2018.

  • Wahab:

    Salam sir mere car honda reborn 2007 model hai mene car 2014 main li or is ka aik token short ta or ab tk is k 4 token short hai tu 10 year pury ho gy hain meri car ko kitny k token lgy gai or car pechly admi k hi naam pr hai tu is pr koi jurmana y ju bi kharcha ay total bta dain

  • Mian farhan:

    Dear Admin i have 1.8 Altis 2007. Purchase date of car is 27/02/2007 but registration date of car is 4/10/2007. Admin kya es saal income tax aur professional tax maaf ho ga ya nahe. Excise walay bol rahay hain k registration date ko abhi 10 saal poray nahe huay so you have to pay 23300.

  • Adeel:

    AoA admin bhai mere pass honda reborn 2007 model hai ar 2018 ka token lagwana plz ap bta skty k kiya maen ab tokrn tax ka 75 persent dn ga ar agr 31 julay sy pehly token ap date kerwaon to us 75 persent maen 10 persent ar km ho ga

    • admin:

      brother ap registration book py registration date chk kren agr 10 year ho gy hn to
      apka income tax, professional tax khtm ho jay ga, token amount ka 75% rhy ga ur bilkul 31 july cy phly jma krany pr 10% rebate bhi ha

  • Muntazir Ali:

    Sir Mara Pass Suzuki Saloon ha 10 Model. USS ka 2016 tak token clear han.Sindh ka Number ha kia Ab Punjab ma HM token lagwa sakta han

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